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A day off

Posted in Family Activities,LIFE,PICTURES by The Saving Mom on September 30, 2010
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Yesterday I missed writing a blog post.  In the earlier part of the day I went with a friend on a walk to the park.  Then we went on a hike in the mountains with family in the late afternoon.

What an absolutely gorgeously wonderful day.  Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to get out in the beautiful weather and enjoy the outdoors.  And being that fall is my favorite time of year the urge to get out there gets even stronger.

Today I want to encourage you to get out and enjoy the fresh air in a way you don’t normally do.  Revel in the unique fall air warm with a hint of briskness.  And if you just can’t today, well then, take today to plan something you’re going to do this weekend.  Don’t let another day go by humdrum and mundane.  Go for it and get outside!

Happy Fall! ~Jessica


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  1. Dickie Langworthy said,

    Love your blog, Jessica! We had such a wonderful time with all of you!

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