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Never Forget

There are some in this country that want us to forget our past.  Why?  Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.  Without your past what is your future?

In our home America is a big deal.  We celebrate this great country on a daily basis.  And when a day like Memorial Day comes around it is a bigger deal.  This day that we think about and remember The Great Price.  This is a great country…this America.  It was forged and is held together by amazing people.  During this weekend of remembrance I ask that you too would spend time  thinking about these amazing people.

Please don’t let this weekend be an extra holiday day.  Celebrate with your families.  Enjoy the barbeque…but don’t forget.  Remember the great men and women who have given their lives.  Remember those serving you today and their families who give so much.  Take a moment and call them or write an e-mail or a letter.  Say thank-you.  For this holiday, let go of your disagreements with where our military should be and what they should be doing.  For this day, just think about the sacrifice these people make FOR YOU.

Think on this great country and learn something of our history.  Pledge allegiance to our flag.  Be greater than you’ve ever been.  Make a random act of kindness towards your fellow-man.  Hold your children a little closer and tell them why America is the nation it is.  Tell them of George Washington, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Frederick Douglass.  Read to them a bit of the heritage of Jews in this nation.  Talk to them about modern day heroes giving for this country like Marcus Luttrell and Marci Hodge.

Remember what our flag means…
Yesterday’s schoolchildren were taught that liberty was fragile and that our Republic stood on three pillars. Every time they looked at our nation’s flag, they were reminded what those three pillars were:
The red stripes reminded them of the blood that was shed in securing our liberty. It was a call to patriotism—a deep love of country—to be demonstrated through actions in maintaining and defending it.
The white stripes stood for purity and virtue. They were taught that they must bridle their own passions or those passions would have to be bridled by an outside force.
The white stars on a blue background represented Heaven’s guiding and protective Hand. “With firm reliance on Divine Providence” we were “One nation, under God.”
They learned if any one of these pillars was ignored or disregarded, the Republic would fall.

Check out this music video honoring our fallen soldiers by Ava Aston.  I Carry You With Me  and also take a moment, put your hand over your heart and watch her sing The Star Spangled Banner.  Honoring our heroes and our country is a true way to celebrate this holiday.  Please pledge once again to Never Forget and Always Remember.

God Bless You and God Bless America



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  1. Ava Aston is new to me… thanks for the video/song links, miss Jessica.


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