The Saving Mom Parents

Basically Back to Basics

Suddenly I feel like a bunch of things in my life are spinning out of control.  It feels like the chores are piling up and not too much is actually getting accomplished.  I used to have things done around the house, a blog written several times a week, special meals cooked every night and everything at least heading in the general direction of organization.  But looking around my house you would think there used to be someone else living here, because seriously there are things that have been left beside the side of the road miles ago.

In my effort to stop complaining I am trying to recognize what I am spending my time complaining about.  It’s looking to me like it’s general unrest because things around the house haven’t been done and the mess is uncomfortable.  And then, earlier this week it hit me.  I stopped doing my meal planning a while back.  Seems like a small thing, a simple thing that really appears to have nothing to do with chores, but it does.

When I plan out my meals I know what I am making.  I know when things need to be taken out of the freezer and defrosted.  I actually know what’s in the freezer so I know what I need to shop for and what I can make.  This puts me on a simple schedule and causes our family to waste less.

All this realizing means that it’s time to take back control in my house.  So, sometime in the next day and a half if you are looking for me you will probably find me going through my cupboards and freezer figuring out what I have and then working on my list as well as my shopping list.  I might post up some ideas of what I do on here as this is one area that really helps me be a saving mom.

Also, I am looking for quick tips to get organized in other areas.  My friend, Made In His Image Momma has already shared a few great ones with me.  I especially love her laundry idea of getting several laundry baskets for her laundry area so she can sort clothes right as they come out of the dryer.  With 4 little girls it helps here keep clothes that look the same, but are different sizes  from going into the wrong girl’s drawer.  I also like Fly Lady and Simple Mom, but have not spent enough time with them learning.  Do you have some great tips or cool websites that you go to when you need cleaning or organizing help?  I would love to hear what you do.

I’m off to my pantry and freezers and charts.  Have a great day!



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