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One Thousand Gifts

HIP HIP HOORAY!  My book arrived today.

Truly, I cannot remember the last time I was anticipating a book so much. (Okay, so I was really excited about reading the cookbook Nourishing Traditions that I got for Christmas, but I didn’t KNOW I was getting that one and so I didn’t have the anticipation factor.)

I have been following Ann Voscamp’s blog since September and it really has changed my life.  Ann encourages her readers through her own life to look at things differently and really see what God has all around.  I do look forward to reading her blog everyday.  I knew she was coming out with a book, but our finances are stretched pretty thin right now and it just didn’t seem like an option for me so I let go of the desire.  (I had to move another book, God in the Yard by L.L. Barkat I was planning on getting back to my wish list because of my broken tooth expense.  It’ll come at the right time I know, ’cause God is my provider.)  Then I found out I could read the first chapter of One Thousand gifts here for free.  Once I read it I knew I had to find a way to read more. Then I found out that (in)courage had some copies to give away to those in financial situations like mine…tight.  I applied for one and I got accepted.  (What I really need to say here is that my Heavenly Father provided something for me that my heart really desired.  Isn’t HE just so amazing?)  Today my copy came in the mail.  Which means I can join the (in)courage book club called Bloom. Seriously, it’s been a long time since I was in a book club but I am VERY excited about this one.  And getting to read a real book is pretty exciting too.

I am just so excited about God’s provision and delighted in the opportunity for new friendships.  If you haven’t heard of Ann Voscamp, check out her blog. If you haven’t ever been to (in)courage …GO.  And also you so need to check out a short video showing you what One Thousand Gifts is all about.  Watch it here.

So this is me super excited in the blessing God gave me today…

One Thousand Gifts!

Thank you Ann, (in)courage, Dayspring, Bloom and God!  I am blessed.




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  1. I was blessed to be able to order Ann’s book before it hit the store shelves. It got here a couple of weeks ago and you are right, it is a big blessing. InCourage is very good to its readers. I am so glad you have a copy of the book too! I’ve thought about the bloom book club, perhaps we’ll see one another there on occasion.

    May God bless you as reach for Him daily.

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