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Old habits are hard to get back

Posted in HEALTH by The Saving Mom on January 29, 2011
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So, time to return to the gym has come.  The gym and I have a love/hate relationship.  I enjoy being there…sort of.  I like the time to myself…very much.  It’s hard work.  I am WAY out of shape.  But overall, I am happy to be back there.

The gym is an easy thing to cut out of a budget that is already WAY too tight and so we did when things got tighter about two years ago.  At that time I was able to get outside A LOT and that was helping me not get into the lazy habit.  But during pregnancy number two the gallstones started back up and that threw me out of whack again.  Right as I was starting to be healed up from that surgery my back went all out of place and I have been dealing with that for six months plus.  During this recent lay up I got something in the mail that gives me three free months at the gym.  Woo hoo!  And now, I am back there.  This three months will take me into much nicer weather which I can take my babes out for longer periods of time, not just around the neighborhood.

I have self-titled myself  ‘The Saving Mom’, but there are some areas that are a lot easier to work on saving with.  For me it’s fun and easy to work on saving money.  I like the challenge of learning history, etc in order to save my country and my children’s education.  Over and over again my inside person is being worked on as you often see played out in this blog.  I actually think the hardest thing for me to work on saving is my body.  Especially when so many things seem to be going wrong with it.  Ironic, I know.  You would think that I would see how important it is to make the effort to get in better shape and get healthier to make life more pleasant, but yeah, I often just let myself fall by the wayside.  I am busy doing things for my family and hey, I am a mom of two busy boys one of who is still nursing and I get TIRED.  (Nursing literally sucks the life out of you, especially when you have one who is often hungry and very demanding.  Can any of you moms out there relate?)

So my new current mission is to get back to saving my health in the form of exercise.  Another great thing is that when you remind yourself how hard it is to burn off calories you think about what you are consuming quite a bit more.  So, in an all around way I am coming to the place I want to be.  I am reading Nourishing Traditions and going to the gym.  This is a good thing.  This is a God thing.  And hopefully, sooner rather than later I will have the habit of exercising back!  I would greatly appreciate your prayers for me getting back on track.



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  1. Mom said,

    this was great. you go girl

    • Thanks Mom! Had a great time getting vitamin D with you today.

  2. Alisa Wagner said,

    This post is a great motivation to start getting in shape. It is hard to exercise with young kids because of being tired and lack of time but still important. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject!

    • I actually wrote this post to motivate me to get out there more. Other people knowing what I’m up to seems to help me be more accountable. Thanks for stopping by my site!

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