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They say it happens in threes…

OUR GOD -CHRIS TOMLIN -Totally suggest you let this play in your background as you read this post.  Wish I knew how to get music in my background, but I don’t so you will just have to indulge me and do it manually.

Pondering the recent episodes of this month I must admit I was wondering how I am staying sane and not living in total fear all the time.  The truth is that I have fallen into this place of blessing and I simply cannot get up.  Seriously, it’s like blessing quicksand got a hold of me and I am stuck and sinking deeper.  Thing is, I’m not struggling to get out, but rather, I am diving in ecstatically celebrating that there is no bottom.  I follow Ann Voscamp’s blog and she is all about seeing God’s gifts.  I think my eyes are starting to see the way she sees.

Let me give you a quick re-cap…

December -Bowls fall out of the cupboard chipping my front tooth and smashing bowl from grandmother. BLESSING -I am perfectly okay.  No kids were around. Nothing happened to my eyes.  Dentist fixed my tooth to look as good as or better than new.

January -Child has skirmish with dog.  Dog reacts in pain to child and scratches face and takes small chunk out of gum above child’s front tooth. BLESSING -Dog did not get child’s eye.  Scratches were not too deep.  Gums heal very quickly.  No infection.  Boy may have learned lesson…still praying on that one.

-Cleaning cupboard and step away. Waffle iron falls out of cupboard and smashes to the floor.  Bye-bye waffle iron. BLESSING -I was not still standing there.  No kids were around.  HUGE bottle of honey sitting next to it did not fall.  Small glass jar of oil sitting next to it did not fall.  Had been working on getting rid of extra stuff in house (thus why I was cleaning that particular cupboard) and looked at lost waffle iron as a step in that direction instead of a big misfortune (needed a new better working waffle iron anyway as that one was having sticking problems).  I didn’t get angry or upset as has happened much in the past when something has gotten broken.

-Have been attending HOA meetings on a monthly basis.  Not the most fun thing ever, but informative.  Miss hubby and kids. Do not get a break those days going from one thing to the next.  BLESSING -The HOA president sent someone over to my house last week as a possible new friend for me.  And she is!  Someone stay-at-home in my neighborhood.  Woohoo!

TODAY -Babe was peacefully sleeping and the larger one was testing my patience as I had a business call on the phone.  Yummy kept climbing up on a stool to get candy that he knows I am much more easily suckered into giving him when I am on that kind of phone call.  Suddenly the kid fell off the stool and slammed his face into a metal folding chair right next to it.  Deep, largish gash into his chin.  Ended up taking him to the walk-in clinic at the DR office.  BLESSING -It was his chin, not teeth or eyes.  He did not bleed too much.  When I tried to help him he told me even in his crying and pain that Jesus would fix him.  He learned that Jesus does heal him and sometimes Jesus also uses man’s hands to carry out his healing touch.  Squeaky stayed asleep through all the crying and noise.  Hubs was able to leave work immediately to get home to us. (We are currently operating as a one car family.) I had showered before it happened. (This is a huge one, ’cause if it had been yesterday …ugg don’t want to think about it.)  They were able to close it up with glue.  His bone was not chipped as I originally thought (it was a chip of candy I had seen).  No other damage was done and he seems pretty much right as rain.

ALSO TODAY -After being home from the DR for a bit kids were sitting down to lunch and Hubs was putting something away in the shelving at our front door.  Suddenly, the shelving started collapsing on him.  BLESSING -No kids were at his feet.  It was Hubs, not me, so he was able to catch it.  He did not get hurt at all.  Nothing got broken. (Okay, a package of Ramen I leave by the door should he have to grab an emergency lunch one day did get smashed.)  We came up with a much improved plan for our entry area that will be safer for all and should stay more organized and it was under $20.  I am married to a handy man who is always willing to take on my crazy home-improvement projects…within reason.  Everybody stayed in a good mood about the whole thing.

So now, what is that they say about threes?  Not that I’m comparing my recent experiences with Job’s, but he certainly had more than his share of  “threes”.  And yet he stuck to God’s side like glue.  And he saw blessings multiply overwhelmingly through it.  It can be so easy to allow ourselves to fall into a pit of anger and frustration and wallow in it.  I know I have certainly done that.  And the things that happen to me are rather minor compared to what many go through.  The truth of it is that how we react to what we personally are going through is a battle.  Every moment and perhaps over and over we have to deal with feelings and emotions that come up.  I know that I for one, want to stick to God like glue.  I am sitting here on my couch in amazement thinking about how blessed I am feeling right now.  I really, truly do feel like I am drowning in blessings.  Life happens.  It doesn’t always happen good.  But GOD IS GOOD.  And if our God is for us, who could ever stop us.  And if our God is with us then what can stand against us! (Seriously you need to listen to this song.)

My prayer for you is that you also drown in His blessings today, this week, this month, this year and for all your life!



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  1. Rochelle said,

    I love this blog Jessica!!!! I it. Very inspirational and encouraging to all moms. I totally know what you mean when it comes to stuff like that happening. It is so important to find the blessing in every negative and there is always one if you look deep enough. No weapon formed against us shall prosper!!!
    Love you girl,

    • Thanks Rochelle! I had a great time writing it and seeing my blessings abound.

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