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Posted in General by The Saving Mom on January 4, 2011

I have honestly been struggling to come up with something phenomenal to write for my first post of this beautiful new year and seem to be falling flat on my face. Could it really be that difficult to write a simple blog post of profound importance? Some days, yes, it absolutely is. Right now, it’s really weird for me that I can’t decide what to write about. I feel filled as I begin this new year. I do have something important to share, but it’s not quite ready yet. Perhaps that’s why I’m not ready to post . Guess I better get back to that. In the meantime I shall just wish you the best January you can have. I’m still out here and will be back shortly!


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  1. laura said,

    I”m excited to hear what you have to share! I struggle a lot too, with finding the right words to describe the amazing grace I have received in this life. I guess it’s just part of being broken and imperfect. But I’m glad we struggle together, side-by-side, and can encourage each other! Happy 2011!

  2. annkroeker said,

    Sometimes I fall silent, too, unsure how to tell a story…or what story to tell.

    I look forward to your post, whenever it comes!

    Ann Kroeker
    Content Editor

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