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I’m a Big Baby

Posted in LIFE by The Saving Mom on December 21, 2010
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I have been writing these fantastic thoughts about Joseph, but instead of being able to post it today I have to post all about what a baby I am.  Embarrassed, yes I am.  Maybe I do feel a bit like hiding this story from you, but I am hoping perhaps this will be a bit cathartic for me and I will escape from my fear…

T was a few nights before Christmas and all through the house there were creatures who were stirring.  Creatures called mouse…

Being the mother of two boys and with plans for more I know life is going to get grosser by the day, but apparently I am still not able to handle a….mouse…in my house.  We have been at WAR for the last few weeks with mice.  When at first we noticed their invasion of our domain we thought we had done what was necessary to rid ourselves of the problem (and by the way pretty much every time I say “we” or “our” I actually mean my husband…and I know you knew that already, but it had to be said).  Turns out that the problem had not been solved.  The mice have had their way in our house for quite some time and they are not going easily.  Trap night #1 yielded two fine specimens…a chubby dark one and a thinner light-colored one.  (We thought maybe we’d caught a mom and dad, but it appears that either the kids were kind of grown or this is a bunch of bad boys driving me nuts.)

So, far with battles raging on we have caught a total of six, yes I said six mice.  And as of two days ago we know that there is at least one more lurking about.  Traps just don’t seem to be doing a sufficient job and the last two times they have been set this little trickster has obtained the bait without being caught.    So, last night we invested in poison pellets and awaited with hope for another dead mouse.

My morning text to hubby : Mice?  His response: Nope.  The kids and I began with our breakfast routine.  Suddenly I heard a rustling coming from above our toaster of all places.  “Get away from the kitchen.” I shouted to the boys.  The thought running through my mind, ‘There is a mouse on top of my toaster dying’…  Well, that was it for me and the kitchen.  Turns out he wasn’t dying, he was just eating the last mini loaf of pumpkin bread. (EVIL MOUSE.)  And  this is where I turned into a baby.  Somehow the thought of a mouse around practically paralyzed me.  I called hubs telling him he had to come home.  I didn’t really need him to and yet I did.  (I am usually a take charge kind of person so going to this place is so odd for me.)  He said he would come home on his lunch break.  The kids and I spent quite a bit of time upstairs.  I figured we could spend the rest of the day upstairs so I called Jordan and said he didn’t NEED to come.  (Remember at this point I am still thinking that there is a dead or dying mouse on my toaster…)

My Mr. did come home on his lunch because as he said, “It’s a man’s job to deal with the vermin.”  He threw away everything on that counter including the toaster.  Then he went back to work.  My hero…

After he got home from work we sent the kids to my parents and went to talk to an expert about mice.  He told us we were pretty much doing the right things, but suggested a better type of trap.  In addition, my cousin Amy had suggested we buy Great Stuff to fill in any cracks or gaps we thought the mice might be using.  (Thank you Amy!  That stuff rocks.)  He also suggested the stuff.  Then we returned home to begin the search and destroy mission.  After many hours of work tonight we are hoping that tomorrow some more mice have met their end.  And this is where our story stops for tonight…

I am still a big baby and can’t wait for this chapter of our life to be over, but I have a strong man who will always be there to take care of me.  Wow, I’m one lucky baby!

Oh, and by the way…just in case there were any other mice looking for a place to board we have one thing to say.

‘Even in this Christmas season there is NO ROOM AT OUR INN.’



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  1. laura said,

    This is so funny, Jessica! I had mice once when I was in college. I resisted the poison as long as I could, but those little things must multiply like bunnies! It is my understanding that the poison makes them go in search of water. So usually, they leave the house in search of said water. I don’t know. Really. I hope the vermin are gone before Christmas. And a very merry one to you!

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