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Squeezing One More In…

Posted in Family Activities,LIFE,PICTURES by The Saving Mom on December 18, 2010

Sometimes I feel like the month of December is so overwhelmingly packed that I just can’t fit in one more thing.  It feels like we are going, going, going every minute trying to fit in everything we can.  I long for the ability to get everything done, but it feels like the hours are minutes and let’s not talk about the minutes.

What does this mean?  It means that sometimes the most important things get squished into what might feel like less than they deserve.  As you already know my mom’s birthday is in the month of December and my parents also decided to pack their anniversary into this blessed month, but perhaps you don’t know that it’s also my dad’s birthday this month.  Yes, they have both their birthdays and their anniversary all packed into the Christmas holidays.  Yikes!  Since my dad’s birthday is so very close to the “Big” day I think sometimes it can really get squished.

The thing is…my dad isn’t really the kind of guy that you can easily squish.  I mean the guy is 6 ft 3 in tall.  I wanted to give him this birthday blog at the beginning of today, but I didn’t have all the pictures I wanted. (Thanks Carolyn for getting me some more.)

My dad has been so many things to so many people…son, brother, husband, father, pastor, friend.  To me, he is simply my Daddy.  I know there are lots of pastor’s kids out there that had a horrible childhood and felt like their dad’s were never around.  I don’t remember ever feeling this way.  Dad always made time for us.  We were a priority in his life.  (Thank you Dad!)

Perfect Dad…nope.  Fantastic Dad…absolutely.  He didn’t always do the perfect thing or say the perfect thing as a father, but he did work hard to make us happy.  He loved us.  He prayed for us.  He spent time with us.  He loved (and loves) my mom.  He took care of her and still does.  They are such good friends.  They have made a great marriage and family together.

Because of my dad we traveled the world.  I got to see places and experience adventure that most kids will never know.  My dad loves adventure.  I know he will never be happy stuck all in one place.  Fortunately he also travels via the written word and I have been inspired to read as much as possible.

Dad – Happy Birthday!  I love you.  I love the time we spend together.  You have given me so much.  You have taught me to love God and love people.  You used to rock the “Magnum P.I.” look and I have always been proud to have such a handsome dad.  I love our birthday ‘dates’.  Those have always been treasured times in my memory.  You always give me the sappiest of cards and make me cry.  I treasure the man you are because you showed me what type of man I should marry.  I am so thankful that I found someone like you (although I have to admit it scares me sometimes too).  There are things I got from you that I could live without…like the sweat glands and giant feet, but most of the things I got from you I celebrate…like my eyes and values.  I love your relationship with my sons.  You are a fantastic Bucko!

Sure I have a lot of memories about childhood. (Okay, less than I’d like…)  One of my most treasured memories is one that happened pretty much every night was how you would stand out in the hallway between Nick’s room and mine and sing to us.  I really believe that made my sleep much more peaceful than it ever would have been otherwise.  And then there was the time you were in another country for my birthday and sent me flowers at school.  I felt so grown-up and so treasured.  It has always given me a sense of security knowing I can come to you if something goes wrong.  Another one of my favorite memories was the sound of your voice when I told you that I was pregnant with your first grandchild.  It was so much fun telling you that way.  I would love to have my kids feel as loved by me as I felt by you growing up.

If only time would slow down a little bit and we could really spend more time together.  If only we could talk more and learn more about each other.  I know you would love to talk about your favorite subject and I have a few of my own I’m sure you would love to hear about.  In the meantime let’s just promise each other that we will treasure the moments and the talks that we do have.

I love you Dad!




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  1. Esther Irish said,

    I too have a fantastic dad! What a neat tribute to him!

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