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Isn’t she beautiful?

Posted in LIFE by The Saving Mom on December 12, 2010

Today is my Mommy’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom…I love you.

My mom shares her birthday with several special people, but one she always mentioned growing up was Frank Sinatra.  Perhaps that is why he is one of her favorite singers.  (My mom also shares her birthday with my brother-in-law Joel (Happy Birthday Joel) and I am going to try to get some pics up this week of him too, but for today since she was in my life first this blog is all about mom.)

Unfortunately, I hit my head when I was 17 and lost quite a lot of childhood memories, so I can’t tell you everything I would like to.  Many of those memories are a bit fragmented in my head and to you probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense.  I do know that I had a great childhood.  My mom stayed home with me and that is a huge thing.

Let me give you a bit of her history.  She was born in December in Wisconsin.  She is the youngest in her family.  She grew up on a driving range and golf course.  Her family is full of interesting characters.

Growing up my mom adored her big brother.  I know this because she always talks about him with such love.  It seems he was always tricking his little sister to give up her gum or eat chocolate covered bugs or changing the clock so she’d go to bed early.  Now she likes to plays jokes on the family and I know she got a lot of this from him.

She LOVES to golf.  Of late she has mentioned that she would love to move to San Diego.  Although the weather has something to do with this I know it’s really because she just wants to golf at Torrey Pines everyday for the rest of her life.  So, here’s something interesting.  She is left-handed, but golfs right-handed.  Her dad taught her to play that way.  I wonder if she had grown up more recently (since left-handed golfers were more common) if that would be the case.

She has this love of history that makes it interesting for everybody.  For a while she taught and I know she inspired several people to dig a little deeper.  I wish I had appreciated this about her more when my mind was younger and took in things better.

Mom and I have had many ups and downs in our relationship (come on, what teenage girl and her mother doesn’t), but now we are really good friends.  There are so many things I appreciate about my mom.  I love that she used to carry a spanking spoon in her purse for her children.  (Trust me, we needed it.)  I love that now she carries gum for her grandchildren.

Her sense of humor is great.  She and my dad are always laughing together and have passed that on to us kids.  If we don’t end up laughing at the dinner table it wouldn’t be ours.  One of the things we laugh about most is how my mom sticks to her guns…like in the pronunciation or meaning of words.  (Goiter and asinine being two of them.)  And then of course, there’s her Uncle Curt (but if you want that story you will have to ask her yourself).

I would say that the most important thing I have learned from my mom is how to be a good wife.  (Jordan says thank-you very much!)  I have never had to worry about my parents relationship because my mom demonstrates her love for my dad all the time.  She has taught me that being a good wife means taking care of your husband and family with all that is in you in every area.  It means sometimes sacrificing things you want so you can see them happy.  It means holding fast to what you believe in even when all the storms of life are coming against you.  She is a Proverbs 31 woman.

I know that I will never sweep or fold a towel quite the way my mom does (hey, I’m right-handed) and I will never have brown eyes (and don’t think it’s possible to even give her a brown-eyed grandchild either), but I will love to cook.  My mom is a great cook.  Probably because it’s the holiday time, but right now I am craving some of her famous cinnamon rolls.  It’s too bad she’s becoming a vegetarian because she makes an amazing rib roast and she will never appreciate it like her family does.  Lucky us she will still make it for us!

My mom is an artist although I never realized it growing up.  I thought everybody’s mom just tore down walls or put them up when they wanted a new look in the house.  I didn’t realize that painting your rooms different colors every couple of years wasn’t necessarily the norm.  Now I see how she appreciates color and change because her artist eye is always looking for beauty.

I remember when I was little my mom used to send me outside to play as punishment because I was quite happy to sit inside and read.  I got that love of reading from both my parents.  I know she thinks I only remember my dad reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to us, but I really remember her reading This Present Darkness to us too.  I remember sitting around the living room at night when she was reading it.  Now that is one of my all time favorite books!

As a little girl, I remember how giving my mom was.  She used to pick so many people up for church.  Here she was a busy pastor’s wife trying to get two and then three kids plus her husband and herself presentable for church (and we didn’t wear jeans in those days…it was dress shirts, suits, dresses and pantyhose which didn’t always cooperate) and still she made time to get those folks who couldn’t get there by themselves.

My mom taught me to be proud to be a woman.  She taught me to tap into spiritual gifts from God and not to hold those things back.  She told me to know you can do everything, but not to, so your husband can do some things for you.  If carpet needs to be laid, or wallpaper hung or a Barbie house needs to be constructed she taught me that I can do it.  She taught by example.  She taught me how to be strong and to pray and to worship God.  There are bad things that happened to me in life that I do not hold in my memory banks because my mom prayed and they left me.  Now that is a true gift.

Thank you Mom for all your love, support and wisdom.  I am a happy person because of you.  You have blessed me so much.  I am so happy that my kids have such a wonderful Lolli.  I love that you are one of my best friends.  I love spending time with you and I look forward to sharing many more memories with you (even if it isn’t watching Ted & Ethel)!


(This is one of my favorites.  You really have a great smile!)



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  1. Jenn said,

    I love this post! And I soooo LOVE your mom! She is an amazing, wonderful woman!

  2. laura said,

    Happy belated birthday to your mom! She is lovely and this is a tender tribute. What a blessing to have such a special lady for a mother.

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