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Posted in LIFE by The Saving Mom on November 16, 2010
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Is it possible?  Truly it is.  I am thankful for…cleaning.  This doesn’t mean I’m good at it.  It doesn’t mean that I enjoy it, but it does mean that I like the results.   I have been slowly starting to work at my tornado rampaged house from while I was stuck on the couch in severe back pain.  I have been bothered and troubled and disturbed by the mess as it has grown.

But each day, minute by minute it improves and I am able to start doing things.  I’ve been starting to pick up and wash and clean.  My husband has hung shelves for me and life is beginning to head toward orderly.  We’ve got a while to go yet, but overall t’s making me happy.

So, today I am happy that I can clean…and that I can pick up my kids and do things with them.  I am thankful that I am being healed.  I really, truly am!



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  1. Lisa said,

    I must admit cleaning is a passion of mine, that often gets out of control. I’ve started this new system where I only super super clean when the kids are in bed as my cleaning was beginning to take away time with my kiddos. There’s nothing more rewarding or refreshing than the smell of a clean house! To think that 10 years ago I’d have thought you’d need to check someone like me in a the psych ward 🙂

  2. laura said,

    Oh, bless your sweet heart. I hear you. We don’t appreciate what we can do until we are down, do we? It helps me if I sing. Happy Thanksgiving, Jessica. 🙂

  3. L.L. Barkat said,

    Yes, yes. After I was ill this summer, I was happy to do the simplest things. Cleaning among them 🙂 Nice reminder here.

  4. Doug said,

    You know, I never have thought of it that way. But I do suppose you are right. There is a lot of purpose in cleaning and the results are always so clear and obvious…plus you get to enjoy a clean house, room, office etc… Thanks for the post.

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