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Try watching this…Pt 1

Posted in General,REVIEWS by The Saving Mom on November 3, 2010
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Taking some time tonight to watch the fabulous Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with my gorgeous hubby and beautiful sister.  Have I ever watched this before?  Not totally sure, but this is an important movie.  As I watch I thought I would right down some of the great things I am hearing and seeing to give you a taste of this wonderful classic and timely movie…

First a question…where is the first place you would go when you arrive in Washington?  We all decided it was the Washington monument.  Heard a great statement the other day, not sure who said it, but it went like this…’our country was built on Washington’s character’.  WOW…a leader of great character giving his life to build a great country.  God bless America!

Starting a senate meeting by truly seeking God’s face…incredible

Is this the media making the senator seeing the truth?  The media wanting the truth?  Pushing for the truth?  Ridiculing congress for the lack of truth?

Okay folks…I am getting so engrossed in this movie that I am just going to watch, but I have some fantastic things to talk about tomorrow…



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  1. laura said,

    Would you believe I’ve never seen it? It’s one of my husband’s favorites. I love old movies too. I think everyone needs movie night. I hope you enjoyed yours!

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the night: cuddled up with family and a great classic. 🙂

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