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Thinking about prayers

Posted in General,Spiritual Relationship,Training Children by The Saving Mom on November 1, 2010
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We had dinner at my parent’s house tonight and my dad led in prayer. The prayer wasn’t that long, because it was one of those rush through prayers when the kids are hungry and fussy and let’s get it done with. I am a believer in teaching your kids the best way to live even through the uncomfortable moments of their “learning” behavior. But the question is…what are we teaching them?
It amazes me how different Yummy can be from night to night. One night he will want to lead us all in exuberant prayers to our God and other nights praying is the absolute last thing he wants to do. Dad started making comments about why when this is one of the few times we all pray together do we have to rush though it? He was joking around, but I start to wonder if this is a reflection of my attitude of prayers sometimes. What is my attitude towards speaking with my Jesus? Do I spend time really focusing on our conversation or am I rushing to get to the next “important” thing? Do I even allow a conversation or am I just doing a breeze-through ‘hi-bye’ call?
As a mom, I find increasingly throughout my day I am sending up prayers as I go about my day-to-day. But how often do I really focus in and invite a conversation? How often do I put aside all the things that have to get done and be solely in the moment of prayer…not thinking about the next 50 things I need to do. I think this is more difficult for women. We can multi-task ourselves out of the most important things in life. I think it’s time for a re-evaluation of what we’re teaching our kids. Are we teaching them to pray with purpose and focus or just run through things because there is always something else on the plate? This isn’t something we even actually have to sit down and say to them (although I think it would be a good thing to do). This is the type of thing we teach by example. I know my example has been sporadic, but I am re-committing today that my example will be one of focused intent. And as much I want to be an example to my children, I want this to be for me. I have some things I need to hear from God on and the only way I will do it is if I take the time to listen. I was talking to a good friend today and she reminded me that if it takes you staying up ’til 4 in the morning conversing with Jesus there is a place that that focus will take you to where you will find peace and answers. When you let go of all the peripheral and allow yourself to see what He sees and hear what He hears your perspective in everything changes.
And so I find myself regrouping to hear, refocusing to see and slowing down to teach. My heart’s desire is that my children carry in them the importance of tuning everything else out that they might tune into Him. May I be the example they need to see that helps them to form habits of focus, patience and complete connection.


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  1. Doug said,

    I can really relate to the inconsitency in prayer time. It is amazing to me how easily I can dismiss God some days. Someone once told me that God is spelled W.A.I.T and Love T.I.M.E. The older I get the more truth I think there is in that.

    • WAIT and TIME…so good! Thanks Doug

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