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Posted in HEALTH,LIFE by The Saving Mom on October 30, 2010
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This post contains the random ramblings of someone who has been missing in action due to extreme pain for the last several days. Ugg…

Brief summary of the pain: Father’s Day 2010 (In so much back pain I could hardly walk. Pain caused extreme emotions tending toward explosive anger. Things were not good. Family banded together and forced me to go to the chiropractor. Took SEVERAL adjustments before I was feeling even a semblance of relief. And then suddenly I was doing much better. Had reached the point in my treatment that the chiropractor thought I could go a month in-between adjustments. (September 27-October 27) Well, last week Mr. Squeaky decided it was time to really get those front two teeth popped out. Needless to say he needed his momma a lot during the night. And did not want her comfort while she laid in bed. He preferred that she sit in the recliner. Mommy was happy to oblige, but could not manage to stay awake and ended up sleeping hours in the chair each night. That did NOT do wonders for my back. By Sunday I could barely move. Monday morning I called the chiropractor and made an appointment. Tuesday I was in so much pain that after crying and crying I begged hubby to come home from work early. I literally could not lift Squeaky and walk anywhere. Wednesday my dearest sister stayed with me and Wednesday evening I had another adjustment. Needless to say I am home on my own today. I have had some improvement although carrying my chubby one is still a bit of an issue. Good thing he can climb stairs on his own. Right now I am being “bad” mom and have Yummy watching cartoons while Squeaky sleeps beside me in the bed as I rest my back. Hopefully after an adjustment tonight life will return to slightly more normal.)
Okay, right after I wrote that last sentence the kids decided no more Mommy on the computer. Which means I am just now returning to this post 3 days later. I have really missed blogging this week. People blog for so many reasons. One of my main reasons is that I find this a place to compose my mind into something calm and ordered, even if the rest of my life is not being orderly.

My pressure cooker: I got an electric pressure cooker from my brother for my birthday and I adore it. Especially with my back problems. I just need the strength to stand for a little while and throw everything in, set it and go lay down. So awesome! I will be writing a post about this later.

Politics: Okay, so I often avoid saying anything about this on here because I am not looking for a fight, but I must say that I am so excited about the upcoming vote. It really bothers me that we Americans have such a lackluster attitude towards voting. People are hoping to get 40% of the people to vote on November 2nd. WHAT???? In the middle east voters have to ink their fingers (which lasts for days) and their lives are threatened for voting and yet…they come. They take their responsibility seriously. In the past I have not voted every chance I’ve had. I have squandered my voice. I have squandered this great privilege so many have fought for and died to give me. Never again. I don’t care what ads are on TV or what people say. I have done my research. I know my candidates. I will follow my heart. From now on I have a say and I will never take this lightly again.

And now, I am exhausted. It is time for bed. Good night and GO PACK!



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  1. I’m sorry you are in such pain! Back pain is debilitating – I went through something similar a few years ago and started to go to a chiropractor as well. I was skeptical at first but I must admit, he helped tremendously. I don’t need to go very often anymore but am so glad I did go to get it all straightened out (no pun intended. Not really, anyway…)

    I’m with you on the voting thing, too! I take it seriously as well – people die over this issue and we as Americans so often forget how good we have it here.

    May your day be blessed and free of pain!

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