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Update on baby-led weaning

Absolutely LOVING it!  Squeaky eats just about anything he can get his hands on so I do have to keep a careful eye out.  We are so happy we have gone the baby-led weaning route with him.

For those of you who haven’t heard much on what this is I will give you a little overview, but check out this link and this link.  The understanding our family operates under is…Squeaks is getting his nutrition from Mama so what he is eating from the table is all for the purpose of learning to eat.  We give Squeaky regular food.  He only eats something mashed or pureed if it’s something we all are eating that way.  The food is put on the table or a plate in front of him and he chooses what he wants to put in his mouth.  The idea is that he learns how to handle textures and he regulates how much he consumes.  I remember with Yummy we felt so tied to make sure he got the right amount of calories, etc.  Now I know more about “mama juice” and I am WAY more comfortable trusting that it is taking care of his needs.  Although Squeaky is definitely getting quite a few good calories going this route.

We focus on vegetables first just like I did with Yummy.  Some of his favorite things to pick up are green beans and broccoli.  He also loves red and orange peppers and cucumber.  He has also eaten meat, but that is still in limited quantities.  He gnaws on breads, but I have to watch him with it if it’s too soft because he will happily shove the whole thing in.  I have become an expert at scooping.

I have to admit that I was a bit concerned about the whole choking thing at first, but that’s why the difference between gagging and choking was stressed.  Gagging is what happens when they are moving the food around from their throat back into their mouths.  The thing is after the first week it almost totally stopped happening.  Now he “chews” his food and rarely has issues.

BLW also really helps with hand/mouth coordination.  Very quickly Squeaky learned how to get that food in.  And I am happy to report that we had tiny diced potatoes last night and he used his thumb and forefinger to pinch the food up and put it into his mouth.  YAY SQUEAKY!

We did have one issue in that we forgot that just because he eats so grown-uply doesn’t mean his system can handle all the grown-up foods.  There was a little bit of an issue with something coming out that wasn’t fun.  But, we took note of our mistake and aim to keep his food simple and pure now.  It’s also pretty cool how striving to keep his food healthy makes all our food better since we are eating mainly the same things.  I am still of the belief that overall baby-led weaning is a great decision for our family.



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  1. Esther Irish said,

    Interesting! I have always begun weaning my kiddos at age one, when they can have milk. By then I am just ready for a little freedom!

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