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I was fully intending to write all about BLW tonight, but that will wait for Wednesday.  Tonight I want to write about THE BATTLEFIELD.  What a weird day with the kiddos.  We had a multitude of wonderful moments and then we had a series of downer moments.

First thing first in case you don’t already know my kids bring me joy untold.  I revel in being their mommy.  I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  That being said, sometimes we have rough days or at least rough moments.  We definitely had some of those moments today.

I just want to say something simple.  I have felt for the last two days like I have been battling with Yummy.  Not all the time, we have had some really good moments, but to me it has felt like his disobedience has been sky-rocketing.  (this is not true, but my actions definitely get affected by my feelings)

Nearing the end of tonight I was feeling exhausted by the battle.  Then suddenly it hit me.  I had been fighting with him.  I had been going to war with my son.  What?  Why was I doing battle with this boy whom I love with all my heart?

Then simple words came to me…it ends here…it ends now. My real battle is not with him.  My battle is not even with myself.  The truth is, the battle is not even mine.  I can allow his attitude and actions to control me or I can take control. This is the decision every parent faces.  I can get angry at my son and yell or I can calmly and simply put an end to the behavior he is exhibiting.

I know I constantly do things that could make God want to yell at me…but He doesn’t.  He pours out mercy upon me.  With an example like that is there any way I can do less for my children?  I desire to parent the way God parents me.  I want to parent out of mercy, not frustration.  There is only one way to do that.  I have to get off the battlefield.  I have to lay down my weapons.  I have to stop seeing my child as the opposing combatant.

I knew it was time to allow the life-breath of my heavenly Father to breathe into me.  I took a few moments.  I bowed my head.  I surrendered.  And as simple as that the war was over.  Yummy and I spent the last several minutes of our time together tonight praying and worshipping.  We purposed what tomorrow would lead to.  We made a plan that tomorrow we would start new and fresh and we would let our precious Jesus made our way smooth.  It was such an easy peaceful time and I cherished those moments.  My simple prayer is that those moments become multiplied and when my children and I reflect on our lives we will see only those moments and not a battlefield.

May you find the moments of rest and mercy in your parenting today too.  May the memories you are creating today be filled with joy and peace.  It’s yours for the taking!



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  1. Emily said,

    wow. Very insightful! I just heard it said that a fruit of the Spirit is SELF-control, not control in any other sense! It is so hard when they push our buttons all day long, but when we can learn to disengage and not be “at war with them” like you said, we are loving them like God does. Great post!

  2. Jen said,

    Amen, sister! I totally get it and I totally agree. I know God has plenty of reasons He could yell at me on any given day and yet, instead, He gives me grace. He gives me mercy. He gives me time to put my feet back on the path that leads to Him.

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