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Important Secrets???

Posted in Another Great Blog,General by The Saving Mom on October 10, 2010
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Thank you all for your prayers.  I think we have turned the corner.  Hopefully Squeaky’s two front teeth which have created really swollen gums pop through soon.  When that happens I believe we will be in the clear…

If you have ever felt the effects of holding a secret this post by Ann Voscamp is so worth reading. Why tell secrets…

Then PLEASE watch these three YouTube links.  I recently heard this woman’s story in part and it really struck me deeply.  She grew up in Austria under Hitler.  I paired it with Ann’s link because although totally different I feel like some of this is a secret that has been kept too long.  I did some research on Kitty Werthmann and realized how important it was for me to share her story with as many of you as I could.  I believe that if you don’t know and understand history you are doomed to repeat it.  We can take what we learn and use that knowledge as power for the vehicle of life we are riding in.  Where do you want to go?  Know your history.  Maybe you want to follow the same path and maybe you want to take a different one.  You can only decide when you know where the path leads to.

Please watch all three links.  Thank you to ‘BrooklynBRoberts’ for posting on YouTube.

Kitty Werthmann Pt1

Kitty Werthmann Pt2

Kitty Werthmann Pt3

Blessings to you all today!



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  1. laura said,

    Thank you for sharing this, I’ll have to head over to youtube ASAP. Ann’s post was so moving. Secrets can really destroy so much, can’t they?

  2. Carolyn said,

    Jess, I watched those videos; they are really powerful. I can’t believe how much knowledge I missed out on when I was in school. I constantly ignored the history I was being taught because I felt it was done- over. Why bother learning about this stuff that’s so far in the past? Well, you know Mom, always talking about history. I remember when I was young Mom would be watching some PBS special about WWII and ask me to come watch with her. I resisted at first but quickly was sucked into the footage as it blew my mind that something like that could actually happen. It mezmerized me, and I am so glad she wanted me to watch. The more I grow, the more I appreciate those lessons because now I question if I will be classified as one of the last students to be taught history at least slightly in a truthful manner, or if I will be one in the list of many who the government already thinks is their’s. When I watch these stories or hear about them, I really do feel a small but growing fire of intrigue persisting in my spirit. I can’t help but feel that I must be part of something- I must be part of the effort to restore the ideas of our parents and Founding Fathers. Besides you, I wonder if I am the only one like me. I am surrounded by many who detest the ideas of those before- perhaps they have been hoodwinked. They are disiniterested in anything they haven’t thought of- perhaps they honestly believe there is nothing greater or bigger than themselves. All this when really they are given gifts of liberty constantly from those who began it all, yet take no regard for these liberties because they do not know of what a world can be like without it. This happens when one lives in their own little world. It all goes back to that knowledge, that hunger that calls me to it- about life, about liberty, about the pursuit of happiness, about myself and who I am and what role I play on this earth- History. Destiny. The Word. It calls me.

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