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Under the weather

Posted in HEALTH,LIFE by The Saving Mom on October 4, 2010
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Well, Yummy shared the cold he had with Squeaky and so neither Mommy nor Daddy got much sleep last night.  I’d like to report that the home remedies I have been using on Yummy seem to have really worked.  This was the mildest cold I have ever seen and he doesn’t really even seem sick today.  I will keep up on them just for extra protection since I don’t want Squeaky sharing back.

I wish I could use those remedies on Squeak, but since he is under one I am not giving him honey.  Too bad, cause I know he’d love it.  I have had to get out the nasal aspirator for him and will be trying some saline as well.  Thankfully he is still nursing so that should be a great help.  Only problem is that he is having a hard time on one of the sides when it comes to breathing.  Actually I think he is still doing pretty well, since the main thing he wants to do is climb the stairs.  I just hate hearing the sniffles…poor baby.

Very little sleep was attained by me last night and Daddy didn’t get that much either.  So, I write this post asking for your prayers.  Please pray that my baby gets better quickly.  Pray that Mommy and Daddy get extra strength and energy to make up for what isn’t happening naturally.  Pray that Yummy continues to improve and doesn’t re-catch this thing.  Thank you!  I may not write tomorrow as I am unsure how tired I will be, but later this week I will have an update on the baby led weaning.

Blessings on you and yours!



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  1. Esther Irish said,

    This is the season for sickness I suppose. I know how hard it is to care for those little ones on very little sleep. Saying a prayer for you!

  2. leah said,


  3. laura said,

    I will be praying, Jessica. The sniffles are such the worst! Makes everyone miserable. And when the wee ones are ill it is so stressful for mom and dad. Praying for strength for you and easy breathing for baby!

  4. Thanks for praying everyone. They are definitely working. Even though 2 of us are still a bit sickly this is the mildest case of cold I’ve seen in a long. long time. ~Jessica

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