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A fly on the wall…

Posted in General,LIFE by The Saving Mom on October 1, 2010
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There is a wicked little pooper flying around my house and I want him out.  Most bugs don’t bother me, but the common house fly seems to be my nemesis.  Normally I sick the dog on them, but she is vacationing at my parents today and so I am on my own. I have tried smacking him.  I have tried waiting by the door to get him out, but who really has time to stand there.  It doesn’t seem like I have a whole lot of options left…he is just too quick for me.  Guess I will wait for hubs to get home and handle this one for me…

A full table.  I try and try and try to keep mine clear, but it always seems to quickly pile up with junk that has to be removed before meals can be eaten.  One of my goals is to become the kind of person that doesn’t take advantage of every flat surface I find.  I am thinking of just setting the table afresh the moment the dirty dishes are cleared.  Not sure if even this will work for me.  Any tips?

Okay, so I am a safe driver, even if I am not what most “guys” would consider a good driver.  I don’t like to drive to fast or do any last-minute changes.  I use my signals and DO NOT text while I am driving.  I leave extra time to drive somewhere so I don’t have to feel rushed.  I have one important question.  Why are all these so-called “good” drivers watch out for folks on foot?  I am constantly having to be on guard when out with the kiddos so we don’t get hit by someone.  Two big pet peeves…big trucks that don’t use signals and people who turn across the cross walk in front of you when you have a walk signal.

It has happened again.  I lost my driver’s license.  How does this happen to me?  I am pretty good at not losing other things, but for the second time in nine years I have lost my driver’s license.  Thankfully I still know what to do… (not going to give up hope of finding it for a couple more days)

Well, that is enough of tangents for me for the day.  I would love for you to share one of yours with me.  Have a great weekend.  Oh, BTW -while I was writing this I discovered a second fly.  Ugg!  I should share my real problem of why they get in the house, but that is a tangent for another day.  Hope you enjoyed being a fly on the wall in my house today.



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