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Blessings Abound

Posted in LIFE,Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on September 27, 2010
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The little things are so often overlooked.  Why?  Why do we overlook the little blessings?

Where has our gratitude gone?  Why have we forgotten the things that make our lives complete?  When was the last time you looked for and saw the blessings in the simple?

I have been so richly blessed and I often forget to share about all the wonderful things I am thankful for so I thought today I would share a few.  It would really brighten my day to hear some of your too.

~that I woke up today yet again

~that I have two beautiful sons who I get to shower with love all day long

~that Yummy is getting closer and closer to being fully potty-trained  (although we’re still having a few accidents he is using the potty the rest of the time pretty much without being reminded)

~that I have an amazing husband who is teaching himself how to be super handy (including fixing his own car)

~that he likes being handy

~that I have awesome family who came out to celebrate my birthday with me

~that each day I come a little closer to being organized

~that Squeaky had a Dr. appt today and is right on his own little track of happy and healthy

~that I made it through today almost completely peaceful

~ that I went home before the end of the game

~that my mom is working with me and excited about creating a money-making opportunity

~that shortly I will be closing my eyes and peacefully dreaming

~that tonight may be the night Squeaky sleeps completely through the night (and if not that we’re one day closer to that)

My prayer that you take the time today to count the blessings of the simple things in life.



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