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What I have learned…about me

Posted in General,LIFE by The Saving Mom on September 24, 2010
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31 -That is the age I am today.  I have had 31 years to learn, grow and figure things out and yet I feel sometimes like a newborn babe just discovering things for the first time.  There are, however, a few things that have stuck with me along the way and these I wanted to share with you today.  They are in no particular order because each one is a valuable lesson and if I hadn’t learned it I wouldn’t be who I am today.  And I now know that I am not and never will be too old to learn new lessons.

1) Most important lessons are learned when dealing with small and simple things that might appear unimportant at the time.

2) Family is so important and you should do whatever you can to repair any damages that happen in your relationships.  Sure, you can live without your family, but nothing is really worth that.

3) Kids are one of the greatest blessings God can give someone and our time with them is meant to be cherished and treasured.

4) Men want respect more than they want love, but if it’s within my power to give my husband both why wouldn’t I?

5) Stuff is just stuff and any “thing” should not hold enough value to have power over my life.

6) It’s okay to take a nap when you’re tired…if the kids let you.

7) Being right is not a necessity.

8) I am a better person when I don’t try to run other people’s lives.

9) Inspire others to action, don’t intimidate them to it.

10) I do well when I’m pregnant; I should be often. 🙂 (right hon?)

11) I actually like cloth diapering…prefer it even.

12) I like becoming a more natural mom and I am open to more “weird” things than I ever thought would be.

13) Brussels sprouts actually have a “s” at the end of brussels and can be pretty good when cooked properly.

14) I like when my hair is colored, but my best look is when I smile.

15) It’s okay to say the following…”no” or  “I don’t know”

16) If something is wrong with your body, don’t suffer through it…TAKE CARE OF IT.  Everyone will be happy you did.

17) Credit cards are not for me because,I hate being in debt.

18) It’s not about what or how much I have, it’s about how much I love.

19) Living a lifestyle of forgiveness will make you a softer person and being a soft person can be a good thing.

20) My parents are great.

21) The whole world doesn’t have to be black and white…it can have shades of grace.

22) Getting older is a good thing when you get wiser as you go…otherwise you just look like an idiot.

23) Friendships come and friendships go, but if you miss someone you can always try Facebook.

24) It’s okay to make friends on the internet.

25) Jesus is my best friend and my hubby is number 2.  I interact better with both of them off the internet.

26) Sometimes I’m lonely, but I’m never alone.

27) Peace may be costly, but it’s worth it.

28) If you feel rushed into something it probably isn’t the best thing for you.

29) Freedom isn’t free and I would pay any price so my kids can be free.

30) I love my husband and children more than I love myself.

31) Putting God first makes for a better marriage, causes us to be better parents and helps me be a better me.

And my bonus lesson is…

The best thing is the laughter! (click for link)

Wishing you the happiest of days!



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  1. Esther Irish said,

    #7 Reminded me of a quote I got at a Bible study once. “The secret to a happy marriage: If you’re right admit it. If you’re wrong, shut up!” 🙂

    • Esther Irish said,

      lol Totally got that wrong. Oh I am laughing at myself. “If you’re wrong, admit it. If you’re right, shut up!” :}

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