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Happy Birthday Gyg!

Posted in General,LIFE by The Saving Mom on September 22, 2010

Today is my wonderful mother-in-law’s birthday and I’m not just saying that because I know she reads my blog.  I’m saying she is wonderful because she is.  I have been happily married for 9 years and lots of that is because of her.

Gyg (so named by Yummy) is a great mom and grandma.  Some of my favorite qualities about her are

1) the way she cares about people  -she really loves!

2) the way she is so thoughtful when she gives gifts

3)  the way she is really interested in what her kids are doing

4) the way she hugs

5) the way she and I can get so silly laughing til one of us pees our pants

I could go on, but perhaps it’s better if I don’t…I might give away some of her best secrets.  Wait I have one more to add and I do think it’s my absolute favorite…

The way she prays, especially about healing, but really anything that has to do especially with one of us kids.  She prays with power and authority.  She really trusts God that He is going to do what He says He is going to do and that we have the right to ask Him for it.

We have laughed together and cried together.  The two of us really shouldn’t stay up late together, but that’s what happens when you only get to see each other so often…and when we do we get goofy.  We start making non-sentences and laughing and laughing. Remember that night in NY…we really “farved” it out didn’t we? 🙂 Of course she can ham it up all on her own or haven’t you met Connie Gomper?

Because of Gyg I can feed my hubby (eating healthy as a child works for eating healthy now) almost anything (although some things have been banned like asparagus and salmon patties with beets).  She was a health nut before everybody else got on board and still is striving to learn new things everyday.  As I become a more natural living person I know I can always talk over my “weird” ideas with Gyg.

I know she was a good mom because I hear what her boys have to say about her.  Sure, they’re boys and they don’t always understand some of her “woman” traits, but they do adore her.  They miss her when they don’t get to see her and get excited everytime they know a visit is coming up…but we still do say “Move to Colorado” as often as we can.

I love the way her treasures are her memories.  She holds them all dearly and you can always count on a do you remember? when she is around.  I wish my memory was that good.

So whether she is showing her Irish side

or scarfing down a tub of ice cream…

We just want you to know Gyg that we LOVE you and we want to wish you a

Happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!!!!


And here is a special Happy Birthday from your grandsons!


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  1. laura said,

    Your mother-in-law sounds like a very special lady. What a blessing.

    And Jessica? Thank you for the encouragement you sent my way. We are doing better. Still feeling broken, but feeling held too. What an amazing thing that is. Thank you again. Your words were such a blessing.

  2. Esther Irish said,

    And your birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday to you as well! 🙂

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