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An Important Adverb

Posted in LIFE,Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on September 20, 2010
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It all started with a little sign by the side of the road…okay, maybe it started with the fact that I got to go to the store by myself which causes me to notice more little  things when I drive.  Anyway, back to the sign.  It read WE PAINT HOUSES and then under that it read Beautifully. So what?, you might be saying.  But to me that addition of the word beautifully stuck me in a profound way.  That one word spoke so loudly about what kind of job those artists were going to do.  It guaranteed that whatever they were painting would look good when they get done.  It sounds like they go above and beyond to do a special job…a better job.

I started to think about the kind of job The Master Artist has done with us.  Psalm 139:13 & 14 came to mind. For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my Mother’s womb.  I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. We have been made special.  We were made in awe and reverence.  We have been miraculously, astonishingly, uniquely and amazingly made.

It can be easy to look at our kids and think these things.  We marvel at the first little gas laughter.  We pinch chubby bottoms.  We linger over little heads that hold sweet baby smell.  We smile when we first hear Dada or Mama.  Patiently, we hold little hands to help with balance as first steps are attempted.  Our excitement bubbles over when that first baseball is caught and the first word is read.  Every treasured moment holds the knowledge that forever with this loved one would not be enough.

It’s often difficult to think about ourselves like this.  We haven’t just been made with no thought; we have been fearfully and wonderfully made.  There are days when I get so down on my self for all my shortcomings.  I look in the mirror and struggle to like what I see.  When I have a hard time learning to do something new I get down on myself for how slowly things go.  And it adds up to the fact that I have forgotten…forgotten how special I am.  In the eyes of my Creator I am that unique creation that has been made with a specific purpose in mind.  I am the one who my Father delights in.  He finds me beautiful.

Why do we forget that we were specially created?  Why do we get so down on ourselves instead of looking up to Him?  How do you look at yourself?  Do you see the wonder that you are?  Have you forgotten how astounding your creation was?

Today is the day to remember and praise.  I ask you today to take all the disparaging vocabulary out of your mouth.  Speak words of thanksgiving and exaltation to Him who formed you and covered you.  Take a moment to specifically think of things about yourself that are phenomenal.  Remember Who made you.  Remember that He is a master artist and He DOESN’T create junk.




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  1. laura said,

    I’m struggling to remember this truth today too! Thank you for this reminder of one of my favorite verses. Very humbling.

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