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Boring garage sale…not with my mom!

Posted in Family Activities by The Saving Mom on September 19, 2010
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Here are some pictures from last week’s garage sale. ¬†It was a bright sunshiny day and we had lots of customers. ¬†We all made money and I reached and even exceeded my goal for apple picking. ¬†My sister was the star of the show in that she brought two items to sell in the garage sale and sold both of them.

As you can see my parents live with a hilly driveway so everything was perched to keep it from rolling down. ¬†Even their street is a hill so we worked for a while to have everything placed just so. ¬†The sale went so well and we had customers showing up after we were closing down so I decided to continue the sale this weekend again. ¬†Perhaps not my greatest plan, but I had a smaller goal to make and primarily it was to sell as much as I could so we didn’t have to transport as much to charity.

Yesterday I left the kids at home with their Daddy and planned to have the sale from 7AM-9AM. ¬†I walked out of the house to drizzle and knew this was not going to be the same sort of sale as the one I had last weekend. ¬†May parents dog was not thrilled that I was over so early making noise…

After an hour and 20 minutes with only one customer I think we started going a little crazy…crazy, but we started making our own fun. ¬†Cousin “B” had a tray of wheatgrass that reminded my mother of the golf coarse grass she grew up on. ¬†

This must have sparked something in my mom, because her silly side came out. ¬†Then Cousin “B” joined her and here are the results.

Garage Sale Boredom 1 (Mom)

Garage Sale Boredom 2 (Mom)

Garage Sale Boredom 3 (Mom& Cousin “B”)

I think at this point I had made about $2.50 so things weren’t that promising. ¬†I did realize that after watching my mom take on the open road though that there was no way I was going to have a bad day. ¬†After this though, things started to pick up and I ended up exceeding my goal for the day by a whole $1.50 and mom even made $5 too. ¬†All in all, I had a great morning that none of us will probably ever forget. ¬†Instead of saying it was “just another” garage sale, we will be saying remember that garage sale with the wheeled chairs…yep, I lead the good life!


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  1. Crazy enough, I have never, ever, ever put on a garage sale. I’ll have to live vicarously through you. ūüôā

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