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Power of a mom

Posted in LIFE,Spiritual Relationship,Training Children by The Saving Mom on September 17, 2010
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I know in every household the power is distributed differently, but in this post I will be sharing how I feel in my house.  I hope you can relate to some of these examples.

As a mom I often feel like I can’t stop moving.  If I take just one little break the “house of cards” will collapse around me.  If I don’t keep cycling the laundry through I will soon have a mountain.  (This one gets me a lot.)  It seems like only I have the power to keep a well-oiled smooth running vehicle of life…until I don’t.

As a mom my kisses can make boo-boos disappear.  My voice and tender touch can soothe the cries of a child in the dark of the night.  Only a banana peeled by mom will fill an empty belly.  The belief is that only mommy can fix all things broken until she can’t.

As a mom, I might have some extra squishy spots, but that’s only because kiddos need a soft place to land.  Moms wear the same thing for 10 years straight until it’s too holey to use even as a dust rag so all the shining stars can sport something new.  When something is lost it seems like only mom can find it.  When they’re little it sometimes seems like only mommy has all the answers, until she doesn’t.

To a child, a mom is the all powerful one that they run to everytime they need shelter from the storms of life.  She can speak to the wind and it will be still.  Moms can do magic with all sorts of ordinary household items.  Moms tell stories that transport her listeners to places that are filled with wonder and excitement.  Moms are the ones willing to share their last bite of brownie (okay, maybe not the brownies, but things that aren’t chocolate.  That’s a little sacred you know.)

The problem is that moms only have one real power.  We can’t MAKE our kids do anything or be anything.  (If you’ve ever been in a grocery store with your kids you know this is true.)  We can teach good manners.  We can guide our darlings towards a good decision.  We can’t force them.  We won’t be there every minute of every day.

Our only power lies in not in what we reflect, but Who.  Our power is to reflect love, pure Love.  For God is Love.  Our power is to love our babies with everything that we have.  Our power lies in what we instill in our children.  Do we empower them to love?  Do we open the door of Love for them and encourage them to walk through?  Do we inspire them to love by forgiving those who have hurt us even when they aren’t sorry?  Do we show them that because we have received Love we are better for it?  This is our power…not just the power of a mom, but the power of parents.  Not just the power of parents, but the power we have as a people.  For those who didn’t see Love from their parents we have the power to open their eyes.  When we act out of Pure Love we will always walk in the right.

You see Pure Love casts out fear.  Pure Love creates a shelter from storms.  Pure Love pushes you out of the nest when you need to learn to fly, but also waits below should you need to be caught if you fall.  Pure Love doesn’t try to be better than someone else.  Pure Love constantly seeks to lift others up.

If you have read this blog you know that I don’t always reflect Pure Love.  You also know that it is my heart’s desire to use my power.  Pure Love is REAL power and it is something to be constantly considered.  Our children can remember us for all the things we’re hoping they forget or they can remember that we reflected Pure Love.  And someday, my heart’s prayer is that I see Pure Love reflected back from them to me.



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  1. laura said,

    Some of these very things are what has me feeling empty, I think. When I read them here, I see the beauty, I know how special they are. Thanks for your kind words. I”m tying a knot and hanging in here for a while.

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