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Learning to eat?

Posted in EATING,HEALTH,LIFE by The Saving Mom on September 16, 2010
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My cousin “B” arrived in town yesterday and has several days to spend hanging out with me.  YAY!  I really miss living so far away from my wonderful extended family and when they come to visit I just want to soak up as much time as I can.

“B” has had a lot going on in her body of late and has revamped her whole style of eating.  She is now a primarily RAW food eater.  In just the few short hours we have spent together I have already started hearing a lot of things about foods and what they do.  Although through my natural parenting studies I have come across this, I feel like I am looking at a whole new world.

As you know I would really like to get things in check and have a healthier eating lifestyle.  I am eager to learn from her and take in all I can.  I look forward to sharing with you the things that hit me and am interested to know what you think about it.

Here is the one thing that we were talking about yesterday that really stuck with me (probably because I have been already been reading about it myself and it’s one of my biggest downfall areas).  SUGAR  “B” was saying that she is a lot happier and nicer person since she has gone off of the stuff.  She had some again after being off of it for a while and when she had some she noticed that she felt different on the inside and acted different on the outside.  Wow…that was something interesting for me to think about.  I started to wonder if sugar affects my parenting style.  Something to think about and look into more.  Perhaps I will be up for a test soon…we’ll see.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on RAW eating as well as eliminating refined sugars from your diet.  Are you doing any “radical” eating?  Have you found changes in yourself besides weight?



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  1. Jason Emerick said,

    I have been a competitive cyclist for the last 6 years and recently have been training for Ironman. During this time I have had to look at my eating habits and how it affects my performance. I have found that sugars affect me differently when competing or training. When I have processed sugars in the form of gel (GU) I feel good burst of strength for 25- 40mins. But then I need to refuel. The sugar in GU is processed quickly into my system giving me short term energy.

    Part of what I found is the more I have sugar when I’m not training, i.e. sitting around the house or after dinner, the less effect the GU has on my system during training and events. I feel like my body get accustom to the sugar and needs more to get the same result.

    My “radical” eating is more focused on how I process things and how I feel after eating.

    Another note I also have found out that other riders and competitors have had different results than I have. Some actually get sick if they have GU during competition. So I guess, like with life, eating is an adventure that is different for everyone.

    • I like the way you look at it. That is definitely going to be a consideration for me as I work on editing our diet to be a more healthy one. Thanks for your input Jason.

  2. laura said,

    I believe it. I’ve felt it myself. But, oh my. Give up sugar? Can’t we just? Slow it down a little?

    I mean, I’m not talking gumdrops and sticky hard stuff. But apple pie? Some things are worth the pain.


  3. Lee H said,

    I have to agree with “Cousin B” about how you and your body feels after having a dose of refined sugar when you normally don’t have it in your diet.

    A few years back I was participating in that low carb diet to support members of our household that were doing the same thing. We did cut sugar out of our diets, and of course the carbs. The diet was a miserable way of life. So we agreed that we would occasionally set a special day, and on that day we would have a agreed upon treat. It could be a Whopper from BK, delivered pizza, chocolate or whatever. But it could only be in moderation and only on that day.

    I remember all of us noting how sickeningly sweet the bun was on a Whopper. And we could all feel a difference in our bodies. I remember one time the agreed treat of choice would be ice cream. The resulting feeling was horrible. When the sugar rush first kicked in, it was a energetic nearly drunk feeling. Yes, a drunken feeling. Then we would get ill and sluggish after. It was awful. And since our tastes had changed, the ice cream was so sweet tasting that we really couldn’t enjoy it.

    • Hi Lee –
      Have you kept up with eating that way or was it just for a while? And if it was just for a while, are there any eatings habits from it you did keep?

  4. Kim Bauer said,

    Raw fooding can make you feel like a new person. I go through periods where I am doing really good. With kids, it’s difficult because you cook for them, and then for yourself. But I often think when they are gone, I will be totally raw.

    Try it one or two days a week and see how much better you feel.



    • I was thinking about how before I had kids I was working out every day and eating right which was a lot of raw food because I was counting calories and they usually had the lowest while still being really filling. I do remember feeling really good during that period. I think I do need to get some of that back in my life. Thanks for your encouragement!

  5. Amazing what you all have to say about this topic. I have learned even more than “B” on raw since I wrote this post. It seems simple from the outside, but there are so many complexities. In talking with my husband we’ve both decided that I am going to learn all about the “powers” of different foods and work on them one at a time. Does that mean we’ll end up RAW eaters? Probably not, but we will end up healthy eaters…whether it’s in adding new healthy foods or eliminating old unhealthy ones. I know I want more energy to be with the kids and I am willing to do what it takes to get that. Thanks for all your thoughts and advice so far! ~Jessica

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