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That was yesterday

Posted in LIFE,Training Children by The Saving Mom on September 15, 2010
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Yesterday I stressed that I had to share walls with neighbors instead of having my own space.   Today I am rejoicing that I have such friendly neighbors that share their lives with me.

Yesterday I got frustrated with Yummy for not sleeping and therefore causing me not to sleep.  Today I am celebrating that I  have a little boy who WANTS to be with his mom even if it is at odd hours of the day.

Yesterday I allowed myself to be blown about by the circumstances of the day.  Today I have my feet firmly planted on solid ground.

Yesterday I forgot what an amazing man I am married to.  Today I will show him that I would be lost without him.

Yesterday I worried about money and things.  Today I will count my blessings one by one.

Yesterday the sound of crying and whining drove me up the wall.  Today I will revel in the sound of laughter and silliness.

Yesterday I allowed laziness to stop me from properly disciplining which causes me kids to be confused by lack of consistency.  Today I will teach them that I love them enough to be firm on the rules and the consequences.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time focusing on myself.  Today I am staying in constant conversation with my Creator and allowing His thoughts to be my thoughts.

Yesterday I allowed anger and exhaustion to be the image that others saw of me.  Today they will see that I have been renewed by the eternal light and am full of joy.

Yesterday endless jobs made me hide under a blanket instead of tackling them.  Today I will see just one job at a time and celebrate the little victories.

Yesterday is past.  Today I will savor the lessons I learned yesterday to create a better day for today.

I allowed myself to be stolen from yesterday because of my bad attitude.  I lost happy memories that I can never get back.  On this bright new day I am looking with new eyes.  I am finding all the possibilities to save and treasure each precious moment that is coming my way.

Please share with me.  I would love to hear about what you learned from yesterday and are incorporating into today.  Your success story creates joyful breakthroughs for others.



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  1. said,

    Whoa! Awesome post Jess! So uplifting as a mommy. I had a “yesterday” sort of day on Monday and had to totally drag myself out of the pit. I just love reading the way you put it.

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