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אוי אבא, סלח לי בבקשה

Posted in Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on September 14, 2010
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Oh, Abba – have mercy on this cracked vessel tonight.  I haven’t been a very good reflection of You today.  I have been angry and yelled at my child.  I was rude to those that I love.  I did not respect Your way of loving.  I allowed frustration to overtake my reactions to the circumstances of life.  I forgot to turn to You when I felt the beginnings of losing control.  I missed my opportunity to bring peace into the storm of trouble that broke over my house today.  And somehow I am still managing to make it all about me.  Oh God…what is this?

Daddy, my heart is that I would be like You.  Teach me again Lord.  Open my ears that Your voice is what I hear and Your word is what comes out of my mouth.  By submitting myself to You again right now, I ask that You would break me and re-mold me again.  Please allow me to learn from You how to parent.  Allow me again to feel Your peace that passes all understanding.  Let me feel Your love again in order to share it more.  may the focus of this household be on You.  You, oh God, are the One needed to rule and reign here, not me.  Please have Your way in this household that is Yours.  Humbly I seek Your face.  Breathe into me again.  Help me dive again into Your depths of love.  Overtake my will and allow me to bend to Yours.  Thank You that my children are kept under Your wings.  Thank You that they are sheltered by Your love.  They are Yours and I am Yours.

Thank You for Your love and forgiveness and mercy.  Once again at the feet of the miracle maker I lay.  My prayer is that as I sleep, You perform surgery on my heart that I might awaken to the rays of morning light fully recovered by Your grace.  A new day, a new beginning.

Your daughter once again humbled by Your love.

אני שלך יהוה ~Jessica


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