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Posted in LIFE,Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on September 13, 2010
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I am a road tripper.  I LOVE road trips.  So does my hubby-man.  We are a good team, him and I.  We have traveled the open roads even since the beginning of our marriage by taking our honeymoon through Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon.  A fabulous trip and one I hope we will do again not too far away in our future.  For now though we have one main road trip a year…our trip “home” to WI.  Because it is a 17+ hour journey we always attempt to do the bulk of this trip at night.  I actually love night traveling, but there are a few downsides…the main being exhaustion.  Sometimes we push ourselves a little too hard and start to drift a bit before we reach a rest stop.  But there is a little something special that always helps wake us up and get it back on track.  It is the grid marks that are on the side of the road.  Have you ever driven over one of these things?  You are going along peacefully and then you drift a bit to the right or left and suddenly you are startled awake by a rattling of your car and loud noise.  As a child we always called this ‘the lions’.

There are always these little signals and alerts when you start drifting off the road.  It’s the same in real life when we drift off the road that God has for us.  We can always know when we’re on His path and when we aren’t.

Psalm 18:30

What a God! His road
stretches straight and smooth.
Every God-direction is road-tested.
Everyone who runs toward him
Makes it.

Mr. Love and I read this yesterday and it just hit me over again about the goodness of the God I serve.  Sometimes life seems really bumpy and things just don’t seem to be working out and this one little verse is just a reminder that just because we aren’t on the right path.   When you hit “the lions” in life you just need to run back towards God and you will always make it.  He wants you to travel safely and securely knowing that you are following His direction.  Knowing that by staying on His path you don’t have to fear the future.  Fear does not need to be a part of where you are going.  You don’t need to fear the bend in the road because there won’t be, there is only the direction God has for you.

When I try to be in control and plan every moment of what is going on with me I often steer off the road.  Then I wonder “what am I doing?”  Why am I trying to build a road in my direction when God already has a smooth and straight road for me?  I can follow the yellow brick road that I build all I want, but let’s face it…it’s made of bricks and just isn’t smooth going.  It’s bumpy and twisty and really isn’t going anywhere that my true desires want to go.  It is only going in circles.  But, when I surrender myself to His plan and run towards Him, I find a straight and smooth path that is full of possibilities.  I find that the way “home -my real home” is where I’ve always wanted to go and the trip will be more than I could imagine.

Where are you traveling to?  What kind of road are you taking?  Looks for the little signs that show you that you are drifting off the road for life He has created for you.  Run to Him and be assured that you WILL ALWAYS make it!



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