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A touch of encouragement…

Posted in LIFE by The Saving Mom on September 12, 2010
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I have been dwelling a lot on encouragement over the past several weeks.  Probably because I have been reading the Psalms quite a bit lately.  Psalms  seems to me to be full of the need for encouragement and finding encouragement.  I had determined about a month ago that I was going to try to write something to encourage a different person in my life everyday.  It was amazing how much fun it was to think of a special word or find a scripture to share.  Then I read about how Day Spring wanted to give out sets of 10 cards to people to send out to encourage others in their lives for National Encouragement Day on September 12, 2010.  Wow, I thought, this is exactly what I have been feeling to do in my heart so of course I signed up right away.

The cards arrived and I was blown away by how beautiful they were.  The words I read expressed exactly the things I wanted to share.  I knew who I wanted to send most of them to right away.  I knew who needed the blessings of these special words.  Of course as with all things in my life they got set on the back burner for a bit because I am one busy mom.  So, mine got sent out a little late, but sometime this week those who I wanted to encourage will get the words I sent out, even if they didn’t get them before today.

Two cards I sent went to some women in my life that have prayed for me and encouraged me through so many things.  I realized that I don’t think I have ever told them how much they have meant to me.  They didn’t know that I needed just that word or just that prayer they shared with me on more than one occasion. I felt it inside me that when they receive these cards they will need just those words for that day.

Another two I used to send words of encouragement to were friends who have been walking the rough road lately.  Things have been so tough for them and I cannot be there in person to walk by their side.  When I read the cards I sent to them I felt like I was reading my heart for them.  I loved the way each card included a scripture too.  At first I almost felt like I had nothing to add, but as I prayed God gave me additional words to put in that I know were just from Him.  Once they started coming out I felt like the words the card originally provided were just the prime on the pump of what God wanted me to share.

I loved getting these cards.  I loved finding out that Day Spring has a monthly club you can join to get cards to send out monthly.  I have to be honest and say that I hadn’t purchased that many Day Spring cards in the past, but I will definitely be looking to them in the future.  Thank you Day Spring for encouraging me to go beyond the cyber world.  I know I can use these words of encouragement as an outlet to this inspiration I have gotten from God.  I think sometimes we get a little too cyber happy (and I definitely do) and forget that putting a pen to paper can make such an impact.  I LOVE getting REAL mail.  Getting these cards encouraged me to start sending it out more.  We don’t need a reason to send things out.  We can just send off a word of encouragement.  I know it would make my day.  How about yours?



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  1. Jessica, I was glad to see you enjoy Dayspring Cards! Check us out on the web and see what all we have to offer. Lots of different stuff, other than cards! 🙂 I really enjoyed your post. Would you mind if we used a portion of it in the future for Dayspring?


    • Go for it Mandy! They were so great and I have been looking into the store. WOW…I had no idea… It’s so bad because it really makes me want to start shopping. 🙂

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