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Posted in LIFE by The Saving Mom on September 11, 2010
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September 11 -9 years ago today I was a newlywed married just over one month driving to work.  My cell phone rings and it’s my mom.  Nothing unusual in that.  Only this time her words were not usual.  Her words spoke of crashing planes and buildings being destroyed.  They spoke of people losing their lives.  I will never forget that call.

On this day we sat huddled in our cubicles at work…talking low, concerned about our friends, waiting on news.  But we were banded together…Americans united in worry for our brothers and sisters.  We rose together and reminded ourselves who we are.  We reminded ourselves of what we believe in.  We reminded ourselves that we the people are America.  And when somebody messes with America that’s the end of it.  We will not sit quietly by.  We will lock arms and stand strong.  We will show them that America is bold and beautiful.  America is the greatest place on earth.  And we banded with those from other countries as well.  We stood together all over the world and said life is sacred and nobody -NOBODY messes with life.  We will do what it takes to make life safe.  There is no stopping a people united.

Seems like somehow we have forgotten some of this.  We have lost sight of what really matters, but not today.  No, today we remember.  We remember the value of life.  We remember those who lost theirs.  We remember freedom is worth fighting for and honor is worth living for.  We remember that no one can take this away from us unless we let them.  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.




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  1. Amy Sullivan said,

    You are right…it seems as if sometimes we have forgotten this tragedy. We are so busy with the unimportant things that take up our time, and we push aside the things that really matter. The big things.

    Oh, how many families are still struggling to put the pieces back together after this tragedy? It makes me sad that such large amounts of time will go by and I won’t think of them once.

    Good post and great reminder to all of us.

  2. Lee H said,

    A bunch of us “rough and tough” construction workers were building a house that morning. We had the radio blasting our pick me up music while we worked, poking fun at each other and trying to be productive. We heard the announcers on the radio, but didn’t really notice as a construction site can be loud and picking out what voices are really saying can be difficult. Finally someone noticed what was going on and all work stopped. I had to pick up some materials so I couldn’t hang out and find out the details. The work truck didn’t have a working radio while I was out so I stopped by a pizza shop that was in the area that I knew had a TV. I stood inside that shop for 45 minutes. There was no where to sit. That place was packed with people with their eyes glued to the TV. When I made it back to the jobsite, I couldn’t hear the usual sounds of hammering, air compressors or the whines of saws… all I could hear is that radio. The I’ll never forget the looks on all the faces of those men as I explained what I had seen on that TV. I’ll never forget my boss bursting out into tears. It was only a matter of minutes and the jobsite was empty. We all felt the need to be holding the ones we loved. Even us rough tough ill mannered construction workers.

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