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I needed that this week

Posted in Another Great Blog,General by The Saving Mom on September 11, 2010
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Here are the posts I really needed to read this week.

Kristen talks about the words we speak and the struggle of the tongue in her post My Big Fat Mouth.

Jennifer from getting Down with Jesus talks about her favorite letter in When the World says No Way, We Say Yahweh.

I’m reading a story I feel like I’ve never read before only I have.  I’m being touched by someone who met my Savior in a real and personal way…a woman who found the Water of Life.  Join Melissa as she shares a point of view that just might change yours in The Meeting Place (part 1) and The Meeting Place (part 2).

This is one brilliant LadyMama.  Enjoy her tip and laughter in Vaseline and Resilience.

I so wanted to hate this post because Amanda is using it all about cheering for the Vikings, but since they LOST…and this recipe looks absolutely AMAZING I just have to share…and of course I could always find a way to color them green and gold…couldn’t I?  Check out her Angel Food Cupcakes with Blackberry Buttercream.

I think these things are great and the contest goes until the end of December so you can have some time to check it out. Command Strips Review

Hope you had some fun with these or found them to be beneficial.  I’d love to read the posts you got a lot from this week.  Just post their links here.  And be sure to comment on the ones I’ve shared with you today.  ~Jessica


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  1. I liked your links. Jennifer’s story was really amazing. But MY Big Fat Mouth was really smartly written and hitting. Thanks for sharing

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