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Never do right away what you can put off ’til tomorrow

Posted in General,LIFE by The Saving Mom on September 10, 2010
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Today I have been busy getting ready to have a garage sale tomorrow…that I knew I was having at least one month ago and have done almost nothing on until today.  Fortunately I have been thinking about what items I want to get rid of for some time.  If only I had started getting them all out sooner today would have gone a bit smoother.  And of course Yummy wanted to play with every item I found.  Squeaky is really working hard on his next tooth so all he really wants is Mommy…

Now, though we just have to get everything into the car and over to my parents and set up.  Which means that if you need me tomorrow you’ll have to stop by there.  Pray for me that I make some money…I could really use some this month. 🙂

Oh, and about not doing things at the last minute…do you think I’ve learned my lesson?  I would like to say “I hope so.”, but we’ll see.



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  1. Lady Mama said,

    Sounds like you need to be very organized to prepare for a garage sale. Good luck with it – hope you make some money!

  2. said,

    How was the sale!!!?!???

    • So good, I was going to blog about it tomorrow, but I was totally thrilled with the results. I made enough for the apple picking including money for gas and my mom and sister made money too. I do still have stuff left-over so I plan on doing a short sale this Saturday morning form like 7-10. Anything I don’t have to transport to Goodwill -woohoo! Plus I am going to look for more stuff just to do some more purging. Feels so good to be free of that junk that has been holding me back. Got anything left you want to throw in my sale? You are welcome to join me. 🙂

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