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Checking out Sprouts

This is just a quick review of the newest farmer’s market style store that opened up in close vicinity to my house, Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  Actually, it’s closer to my mom’s and  that is why after I bit of persuasion I was able to get her to accompany me out this morning.  This wasn’t hard-core shopping, it was a just a check you out kind of stop.  I just wanted to let you know what your would be in for should you happen to stop by.  I will be comparing it to my beloved Sunflower Market which is within walking distance of my house.

First of all this location just opened yesterday, so of course everything is nice and clean.  They have two types of carts just like SF, but their bigger cart is a little narrower, but much deeper.  I bring this up because when shopping with two kids you really notice this sort of thing.  I had planned to wear Squeaky in a carrier, but of course he fell asleep right before we got to the store.  Dilemma…wake him and put him close to me or figure out how to bring his carseat along.  I HATE putting his carseat on the upper bars because I am so short and can hardly see over it, but when it’s in the basket I often don’t have room for any items.  Fortunately since mom was with me we were able to take two carts and I maneuvered the seat into the basket.  Not easy if I do say so myself, but doable.

We were greeted by a cheerful face and offered flyers and coupons.  Because this is the first week there were a lot of sales going on…my favorite kind of shopping.  The store was laid out almost identical to Sunflower, but was a bit brighter.  It did look like they have a bit better fresh fish section than SF if you’re interested in that kind of thing.  Today many of the prices were a bit better, but not that much and I think it was really because of the grand opening.  There was one thing that they had that I LOVED…a bulk spice section.  Normally I go to the Savory Spice Shop which I adore, for most of my spices, although it is not the most kid friendly place…at least if your kid is 2 and a half.   And I will still continue to go there because they have a HUGE selection.  But, if I need something quick and am on that side of town I will pick some spice up at Sprouts.

Because of the grand opening the are giving away reusable bags with the orders this week so that was really cool.  I am always happy to get a few more of those.  And I love the bright green…it will never get lost, or at least not easily.I got several good buys like nectarines 3lbs for $1 and a 5lb bag of potatoes for $.88.  And I got some natural cereal for $1/box.  I am hoping it tastes good because it has no high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated palm oil.  It has some really good stuff instead.

I do believe that my most interesting purchase was …

No, those are not small lettuce…they are giant brussels sprouts.  They were $.99/lb.  I have hated brussels sprouts, but because my darling cousin told me a yummy sounding way to cook them I am going to try them out. (I will post up something about that too.)  My man says that if they are covered in melted butter he’ll eat them, but that doesn’t sound too healthy which is one of the reasons I would like to add them into our diet.  We’ll see what happens there.

Overall, Sprouts Farmer’s Market was a great place to go.  The people were all really friendly and the store was nice and clean.  I will definitely go back when I am on my mom’s side of town.

Well, I don’t know if you shop at local farmer’s markets, but I really recommend them.  Both Sprouts and Sunflower are great commercialized farmer’s markets.  I really recommend trying out a totally local one, but if you can’t, go to one of these or something like it in your area.  Try something new to add variety into your diet.  Try something from a  local farm in season and see the taste difference.  What you put in your body matters and if you can get good stuff at good prices then go for it.  Shopping at these places will save you money if you follow the specials and buy what’s in season.

Have fun! ~Jessica


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