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Finding hope in just one cupboard

Posted in LIFE,Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on September 7, 2010
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Most of yesterday was fabulous…(near the end I acquired a migraine, but other than the pain it didn’t make anything awful).

I love it when my darling one has an extra day off.  I do enjoy all my friends, but truly there is no-one I would rather hang out with (good thing I’m married to him.)  Plus I think I would probably drive most people nuts if they had to hang out with me all the time (I definitely have some oddities), but he actually wants to be with me too, so we make a pretty good pair.

Yesterday, he played with the kiddos while I cleaned out a cupboard in the kitchen that has been bugging me for a year…yes, a year.  Tell me please that I am not the only one who has a junk cupboard that needs a little TLC every so often to keep things running smoothly.  Okay, if you are one of those super organized people who don’t have one, just don’t tell me.  I need a bit of a dumping ground, but of late, it seems that much of the house has been turning into a dumping ground.  This is something that I really want to fix before the end of the month.  This upcoming weekend should help with that as I am having a garage sale.

Anyway, back to the cupboard.  It’s one of those really odd-shaped areas that you can’t see into the back of without a light and have a good chance of never accessing the back.  I decided that I needed to empty it out completely and find out what was hiding back there.  The truth is that I knew what was back there and had just been putting off dealing with it for a while.   I actually spent quite a bit of time organizing it so that it does not become the dumping ground ever again again too soon.

Working on that cupboard has inspired me and I am making a list for one project each day that I want to get done.  Some are big projects and some are small.  Even though I have been working on some for a while, I have let myself get distracted in the process.  Time for some refocusing.

When I finished that cupboard I felt so good, I felt like celebrating.  Even though no one I know will probably ever see the inside of it I KNOW it’s clean and that is the main thing that matters.  Last night when I was laying on the couch with an ice-pack on my head I started thinking about cleaning that cupboard.  Which caused me to start thinking about cleaning hidden cupboards on the inside of me.  Seems like I have been doing a lot of housecleaning on the inside of me lately.  I know that when my house is clean and I mean really clean, not just things stuffed in the closet giving off the appearance of clean I am a much happier person.  Then I enjoy having people around and can live without being embarrassed all the time even if they never see those areas…plus it’s easier to keep all the areas that show nicer when the hidden areas are clean.

My heart’s desire is to live a clean and pure life from the inside out.  I want to be a true reflection of who God is and if the hidden areas of my life are messy the picture I present will be distorted.  It really doesn’t matter how good the outside looks.  It doesn’t matter if I am going to church all the time or am giving everything I have to the poor or am presenting that I am constantly in prayer, if the inner cupboards aren’t properly arranged then I am still a mess.  How grateful I am to God that He has the light to shine on the hidden places that I might see them to do some re-arranging, purging and organizing followed by celebrating.  Sometimes we just have some areas that have accumulated too much clutter.  Sometimes we just need to do one area to be inspired to move on and do more.  Once we see that we can tackle one little project, we can have hope that we can tackle more projects till we have a clean house.  Recently I have been tackling the control issues I have in my life.  Since dealing with them I know that I am prepared to take on more.  And so I will ask God what project HE has for me today.  What hidden cupboards would HE like me to tackle?  Then it’s trusting Him that He is turning on the light and helping me with the heavy lifting.  I will let you know what He shows me.

I would love to hear about the cupboards you have cleaned or need to clean in your life.  I believe that hearing other’s stories creates hope, which is why I am sharing my story with you.  I pray you will find encouragement in my cupboard and know that you are not alone in yours.



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  1. Amy Sullivan said,

    Oh I wish I had just one cupboard…there’s the closet in the study, the junk drawer in the kitchen, the bill basket in the closet. Um, I could go on.

    I love the idea of housecleaning inside ourselves. I am at a point where I need it.

    • Amy – I have lots of junk drawers/closets, but now I have one less…or at least an organized one.

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