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Simple blessings and a tasty treat…

My kids are my simple blessings and nothing can compare to the joy I feel when I spend time with them.  It’s a treasure for me to do special things for them and just hanging out can be the best moments of my life.  I just thought that today I would share some of the special things we’ve been doing together.

Last week we washed all the toys in a bleach water solution because someone had a pee-pee accident on the edge of his toy box.  It was SO MUCH fun.  (hahaha)  The house smelled like bleach all day and the dishes that needed to be washed stayed piled up next to the sink an extra day, but all our toys are ready for the one who likes to chew.

We went to the park and both boys got to swing on the big boy swings because there were no little guy swings.  Still it was fun and a good opportunity for Yums to work on in-out pumping.  It’s always nice when we get to hang out with family too.  But since we walked to the park in the hot sun and we adults were all sweaty I am not going to share any pictures of us 🙂

Some family lives close by and other family is no-where near close enough.  Whenever we get the chance we spend time hanging with those we love and miss oh so much.  Uncle N was here this week.  Yummy adores his uncle and can’t get enough of him and his big truck.  Squeaky on the other hand is a little more cautious.  He loves seeing uncle tap out rhythms…can’t take his eyes away from him, but the minute he gets into his arms we do see a cascade of tears.  (I think secretly Yummy is threatening Squeaky at night so he doesn’t lose any of his precious unkie time.)  We managed to sneak in one special picture.

It doesn’t matter if we sitting around at night eating living food or blowing bubbles outside into the wind.  It doesn’t matter if we are playing the guitar or building towers.  All that matters is that we are together…enjoying the simple blessing of being with each other.

Tonight I made a simple treat for Daddy and Yummy (although I am sure Squeaky would have dove right in if we had let him).  It’s an odd recipe that is from a cookbook my grandmother gave me that was distributed the year after I was born in her church group.  Sometimes when I read these recipes I have to be careful because some of these ladies didn’t quite share all the ingredients, but this one is so simple that you really can’t mess it up.  Enjoy!


saltine crackers (I’ve also use Ritz)        butter    marshmallows

Spray a cookie sheet.  Spread butter on top of crackers.  Place on cookie sheet.  Top with a half or whole marshmallow (I prefer a half…it’s a little less messy).  Bake in a 300 degree oven for 10-12 minutes.  Remove when nicely browned.  Let cool for a minute or so and remove from pan.

My dearest asked me to make them with grape jelly also.  I was thinking next time I might try this on graham crackers and add a drizzle of chocolate.  Okay, so maybe since we didn’t get to go camping this summer I am really craving s’mores.

This may sound like a really weird treat, but I get rave reviews every time I make it.  Give it try, you never know what you may like.

Be encouraged today to count your simple blessings and name them one by one.  Let yourself be childlike and enjoy every moment like it’s the best thing you’ve ever done…even when it’s work. You never know what delight you may have missed.


Proverbs 10:22  God’s blessing makes life rich; nothing we do can improve on God.


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