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Do you know how much I love you?

Posted in General,Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on August 31, 2010
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I ask my boys this daily. “Do you know, do you really know how much I love you?”  Then I tell them…just in case. I say, “I love you more than the sands by the sea and the stars in the sky. I love you more than that.” Sometimes Yummy looks up at me and smiles. Sometimes he answers before I can tell him and says “sand sea, stars sky.”
My prayer is that they eventually both think of how much they are loved every time they look up at the night sky or visit the sea’s beautiful shore. The next question I always ask is “Who loves you more than that even?”  To which Yummy has jokingly replied “Daddy…” Little stinker.  He knows what I am asking him.  I want him to know that no matter what happens Jesus loves him even more than we do.

Lately when I tell Yummy this he has been acting super goofy.  He closes his eyes and pretends he is asleep.  I guess this is his way of saying that he has heard it before.  The longer I have been a parent the more I wonder how God deals with us as His children.  How many times does He tell us He loves us and we close our eyes and say “Yeah, yeah God.  That’s nice.” ?  Have we heard Him saying it so often that it no longer means as much?  Is it possible for us to be more complacent about His love?  Or is it possible that His love for us is so great that whether we have our toes in shallow end or have waded in to our waist, there is still an ocean of discovery waiting for us to dive into?  The simple truth is that His love is boundless.  He eagerly waits for us to run into His arms.  He waits for us to dance in His arms and drink of His new mercy every morning.  He delights in sharing His love with us.  It’s time for us to open our eyes and look at His glorious face.  It’s time to open our ears again and REALLY listen.  It’s time to fall in love all over again.

I ask you today that no matter where you are at; no matter what is going on in your life take a moment to really listen to your Daddy.  Let His words of love crash over you like the waves of the ocean.  Let them surround you like fog and blanket you like the one your mother tucked under your chin at night. Hear His gentle words whisper on the wind “I love you, My child, I love you.”

And just as I will continue to tell my children every day multiple times a day that I love them, so He will continue to tell you.  He will tell you in the morning breeze and under the bright shining sun and with the twinkling stars at night.  I LOVE YOU MY CHILD…MORE THAN THE SANDS BY THE SEA AND THE STARS IN THE SKY.  I LOVE YOU!



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  1. Small Canvas said,

    That is so beautiful! We do the same thing with our kids with a verse in Numbers. If we forget to say it, our son will come out of his room and tell us we forgot and that he can’t sleep without us telling him our “blessing” every night. I pray that they will remember, above all else, that their Creator loves them beyond imagination.

    • Thank you! I love that your son does that. Too cute. If they have to stall before going to bed that’s a great reason.

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