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Try this

I recently joined a community of bloggers called High Calling Blogs that I really love.  I have already read so many fabulous posts by this amazing group of people.  I know I will probably start sharing links I love posts or you can always check out the links to my favorite blogs along the side of my blog.

Yesterday I read this post by Amy Sullivan.  We found each other through HCB.  I knew that many of you would want to read her words especially today.  It’s all about giving to God and I know that sometimes during the week many of us forget to do this, but on our day of worship we organize our thoughts toward specially focusing on God and it is often a day of recharge.

Please read Amy’s blog and take her fabulous advice.  Thanks Amy!

Amy Sullivan: What consumes you? -Here God, Catch!



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  1. Jessica,

    Welcome aboard HCB! We are excited to hear your voice, both here and over at the High Calling Blogs site. Jump right in!

    And yes, Amy Sullivan is great! I’m glad to see you’ve featured her here.

    I look forward to seeing you about the HCB network, Jessica. And thanks for stopping in over at Getting Down With Jesus, too. It was nice to “see” you there.

    Grace and peace,
    Jennifer Dukes Lee
    Contributing Editor for Family Blogs @ High Calling Blogs

  2. Natalie said,

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog with an encouraging comment. I’m looking forward to getting to know you here. I’ve found many wonderful blogs on HCB, too!

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