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The big walk

Posted in Family Activities by The Saving Mom on August 17, 2010
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Okay, so it wasn’t so big, but it was fun.  I kept asking Yummy to tell me what he was seeing.  Honestly, we didn’t see any bugs until this gorgeous butterfly at the end who simply wouldn’t participate for a photo.  I did get a few cute ones of the boys.  This walk seemed to be all about sticks and leaves for Yummy and I came home with a little pile of kindling in my free hand.  It was really fun to talk a walk from my kiddos point of view.

No matter how hard I tried he won’t smile when a camera gets pointed at him.

I love how he had his hat all jaunty like Frank….

He had to take a rest (this has never happened on a walk before).                                                                   But he did finally get around to discovering and then we had a blast.

Squeaky though got himself into crash position and was out for most of the walk and also a long time afterwards.

We will definitely be doing this again soon!



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