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Realistic Tuesday

Posted in Family Activities by The Saving Mom on August 17, 2010
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Ahh Tuesday…usually not my favorite day of the week.  This Tuesday should be a bit different though.  After all, I have this new outlook on life, on me.  I won’t be settling  in anymore will I?  I am to be out filling the streets with my dancing…right?  Maybe, just maybe I will.  What do I want to accomplish today?

I think maybe I will take my kiddos to the park and look at bugs.  Boys like bugs you know.  Okay so maybe bugs aren’t my favorite things.  This time however, I think I will look with new eyes.  What does my little guy see as he explores this new world?  Why do bugs enchant him so?  What wonder am I missing out on?

My mission for Tuesday is to explore with wonder.  Who or what will I find as I journey today?  Will I find an exciting adventure?  I sure hope so!

More to come…



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  1. Jenn said,

    What!? You don’t like Tuesdays? But those are the days I usually visit! 🙂 J/K Hope you have a great day!

    • I just don’t like that J gets home so much later and it’s only the beginning of his week. Other than that it’s all good!

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