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Time for a change

Posted in General by The Saving Mom on August 10, 2010
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(First post from my phone ever!)

One of the ways I save money around here is by pulling out the old scissors and snipping away. Granted, I would probably do it even if we had the money because it’s something I love to do. I have never been formally trained, but I do have a knack for it.
Shortly after I got married I started to try my hand at color and found I loved it. I was encouraged to pursue it by friends and even looked into going to school for it. I attempted a few cuts and found that I could do a pretty decent job. I don’t do nearly as many people as I used to. I don’t have the time and not as much desire anymore either. Probably because I like to experiment and a lot of people just want something less funky. I can do less funky, but I find it boring to cut. I do however do the cuts at home.
Hubby has been through the ringer in the way of hairstyles since we’ve been married. It has been multiple lengths and colors and styles. For the last year, it’s been a pretty simple buzz on the sides and choppy short top. Recently, he told me he wanted to grow it a bit, but tonight he actually told me he’s ready for a trim. Yummy has only ever had Mommy cuts. His hair is a bit difficult. He has a giant cowlick in the back and a receding hairline with minimal growth in the front. The stuff at the top back stands up straight or if I let it get long it, it has a huge bump. I know there are women who would kill for that body. J/K. It’s been a bit of an emo style or as some people would call it a “Kate Gosselin”. I finally chopped into the top of it and it came out super cute. Getting his haircut is not one of his favorite activities, but suckers and Sweettarts help immensely
Squeaky has almost no hair, but I love his cute little peach fuzz anyway.
Last year, my brother bought me two haircuts with his stylist (someone on the pricey end). They were great, but that isn’t any way I even want to try and fit him into our budget. Squeaky has a tough little grip that likes to find it’s way into my hair so, I’ve been wearing my hair in two knots on the sides of my head. (I also have not been wearing much make-up because he also likes to suck on my face and I don’t want him eating make-up.) I told Hubs that I should start being called Frau H. because I am looking like a old school German housewife. I was taking to not looking in the mirror in order to avoid having to see the harshness of my look. Sorry to everyone who had to look.
Anyway, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided that if all went well, today would be the chopping day. So, everything went according to plan and chop I did. I’m pretty happy with the results. I have saved money and am now able to look in the mirror again. Hooray!
See before and after shots!


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  1. Mandee said,

    I think it looks really cute! You did a great job! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks! I am actually really happy with it and really happy I didn’t get weak and pay $50.

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