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Have I jumped off the deep end?

Posted in Baby-Led Weaning by The Saving Mom on August 9, 2010
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Gee, I hope not…  What in the world am I referring to?  Baby-led weaning.  What’s that?  It has to do with breast-feeding and solid food.  It has to do with the baby self-feeding solids.  No purees, no endless jars, no carrying around food mills…just cooking what you normally cook and watching your little bubba learn how to feed themselves.
I asked my hubby tonight what he thinks about all these changes I am making to our parenting style with Squeaky.  I mean, Yummy has been turning out wonderfully, so why change?  I guess we all strive to be better parents all the time.  And in my effort to become the saving mom, I am trying to be open and flexible to changing anything that will make our lives better.  BTW – he said “no, he’s happy to try all the changes I want to.”  Good Man!
So, we are going to try to skip the purees and go all out on the BLW.  Squeaky has been giving all the signs of being ready to eat even though he is still just a tad under 6 months.  It pretty much takes all my effort to keep what I’m eating out of his hands.  And so, tonight we began this new adventure.  Squeaky had roasted sweet potatoes and roasted green beans for dinner.
Results -there was a little bit of gagging, but he got it all right out.  Let me just tell you this kiddo was super happy to be joining the family in our dinner.  I will continue to fill you in on how this goes…but, so far, so good!
And seriously…take one look at this picture and tell me this boy wasn’t ready to go for it!


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  1. What a cutie! Love this post! Love that you and your husband are willing to try something different and open enough to try something else if it didn’t work (but in this case looks like your little guy is a pro with that green bean). I think that taking some of the parenting queues from our little ones is the sanest choice … otherwise, we get too caught up in what the books say they should be doing vs what our friend’s same aged child is doing vs what our little one is actually ready to be doing. Sometimes they are ready ahead of “schedule” and sometimes it’s after “schedule”, but in almost all cases, they get there eventually and in their own time.

    Our little one, Brenna, will be 6 months on the 5th. She’s not sitting up or eating cereal even, but does have her first tooth (ahead of schedule based on her big brother’s growth chart) and she’s just about ready to crawl. She’s healthy, happy, and learning at her own pace. What more could I ask for?

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