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Seems like forever….

Posted in General by The Saving Mom on August 8, 2010
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It’s been quite a while since I blogged.  There have been a mountain of things going on, but I’ve been longing to.  I’ve had topic after topic to post about, but not the time to do it.  I have over 500 blogs to read and I am also behind in my 90 day Bible reading.    But, right now, half my house is clean; my kids are in bed and I am having a great weekend with family and friends.  And for the first time in two weeks I am not in bed immediately after my kids are.

So, here are a few things that have been happening…


I love CD.  I am addicted 🙂 in only the best way.  I love seeing the fluffy little butt.  Still liking the soap nuts.  They don’t get rid of the stains as well as the ALL did, but I have also been sunning my lovely little dipes and that works amazing wonders.  Because of the heat during the day Chubby spends most of his time in a fitted and a t-shirt.  We haven’t had any problems with this.  I have done one night time CD, but it was in a Flip with Flip insert.  It worked out okay, but I really want to get either a pocket or an AIO for nighttime.  I think they would be a bit more comfy and breathable…and the main thing is a messy diaper would be easier to change in the middle of the night if it’s all one piece.  Still haven’t decided on the brand though.  Maybe BG 4.0…


Yummy was doing so good and we were just starting to really work on #2’s when he went to WI with his Bucko.  Although there was an attempt to keep up with it on Bucko’s part, somehow there was a disturbance in the force.  We’ve had to stop with the stamps and resume the gummy candies for pee-pee prizes.  Not my favorite thing to give my little kiddo, especially first thing in the morning, but he is doing pretty well.  Working on #2 this week.  Almost there…fingers crossed!


Nothing good weight wise to report here.  Thank God I am feeding chubby mama’s milk because otherwise I would probably have gained weight of late.  My back is improving so I have been getting out more and more.  My SIL told me today that she can’t call me Snow White anymore.  Woohoo…I am now officially off-white.  I am eager to get completely out of pain though.  Little Brother told me that he’s getting me some resistance bands to try and help me out.


I’ve been attempting a few different things of late.  I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting for SIL’s birthday.  The most creative thing I’ve made of late was some banana-peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks and cream cheese frosting.  Yummy!  If this sounds really weird to you…it is, but so good.  My Dad adored them since he ate them before I told him what they were.  If you’re interested in the recipe let me know.


The only crafting Yummy and I have been doing of late is play-dough.  I have made a few baby play mats for friends that are popping those babies out.  I wish I had time to do more of that.  I love creating.  I have so many ideas, but so little time.

That’s enough of a recap for now.  Hopefully my blogs are going to get regular again.

~JessicaP.S -Here is a picture of a picnic we took on our 9th anniversary last week!  It was a lot of fun even if we didn’t get a great picture.


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  1. Jenn said,

    YAY! Welcome back. 🙂

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