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We went swimming!

Posted in Cloth Diapering,Family Activities by The Saving Mom on June 23, 2010
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Finally my incisions from surgery and I can again immerse myself in water.  Which is awesome because “these days is HOT”.

I have been both eagerly anticipating and dreading Mr. Squeaky’s first trip to the pool.  When we took Yummy, I had all this stuff packed up and ready to go.  We did walk to the pool, but we had a whole cart load of things we might need.  Then it was camera prep time.  Video camera all ready.  Mom gets into the water and dad hands Yummy into her arms.  Dad begins to film as Mom lowers Yummy into the water and…screaming.  Yep, he was NOT interested.  New parents were not quite sure what to do.  Do we  keep him in the water and see if he calms down?  Do we take him out and dry him off and hope for the best?  Do we carry the little screamer back to the house?  Turns out Mom carried him back to the house and nursed him and changed him into something dry.  Finally after nursing again he fell asleep.  Mom put him into the stroller and begin the short hike back to the pool…right as Dad and friends  were heading back.  So much for that.  Since then, Yummy has learned to love the water and Mom and Dad have gotten a lot better at knowing what you need at the pool and how to care for babies.

So, Auntie L joined us and we headed down to the pool.  Yummy was super excited.  This was the first time we’ve been in our pool this season.  Of course Mom’s back is out of whack so the walk was pretty slow.

Before Mom can even get into the pool yard, Yummy and Auntie L are in the water.  Daddy holds Mr. Squeajy while Mommy slowly makes her way into the water.  Oh how wonderful,  it’s not too cold and it feels so good on back.

Time for Daddy to hand Mr. Squeaky in and…success!  Not only success, but Mr. Squeaky is a very happy boy!  Which makes Mommy and Daddy very happy.  We played in the pool for around 30 minutes until Mr. S started getting a little cold.

We had so much fun and are planning to get out of the house and into the pool as much as possible this summer.  What kind of summer activities do you like to do?  We are always looking for new ideas…especially ones that are free.

Once out of the pool Daddy carried Mr. Squeak back and Yummy continued being his goofy self.  Nothing is better than being with family.  We love watching our kids grow.

Mr. Squeaky fell asleep on the way back and Yummy got goofy holding the front door closed on Mommy!

BTW – Since Yummyis almost potty trained he went with undies under his suit and Mr. S had a flat with snappi under his.  His suit has a built in liner and he had already had a big #2 earlier that day, so mom was not worried.



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