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A bragging moment

Posted in General by The Saving Mom on June 8, 2010
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I just needed to take a moment this morning to celebrate my boys.  Normally, you have something specific to brag about, but I don’t have something specific today.  I am just happy to be a mom and in love and thrilled with my kids.

Lately, Yummy has been repeating the same word over and over (the word varies) to get attention or tell me something or ask for something or just whining.  Usually this word is Mommy. ..which he says like this moooommmm….meeeeee.  I was remember a conversation Beloved and I had when he was just starting to make sounds that sounded like words.  I clearly remember saying that it was sad to think how one day we wouldn’t want to hear his voice from the back seat.  We said we didn’t want to be those kind of parents.  Well, I have to admit that it makes a conversation very difficult.  You just can’t think the same when a word is being repeated over and over in a whiny voice.  But upon remembering that conversation last night we encouraged eachother again to enjoy that little voice.  If we talk with him instead of ignoring it the voice doesn’t get whiny.  And you know what, so far today it is working.  I’m sure it won’t work every minute of every day, but right now I love to hear his voice.  We have talked about so many things.  His mind is rapidly expanding and he has so many creative and exciting thoughts and ideas.  Plus the more I talk to him the more words he takes in and puts out.  The things this two year old can do…wow!  I am impressed.  He understands things I keep thinking he should be older to know.  We meet kids at the park and although I try not to compare him to other kids, I can’t help it…  And he always seems amazing to me.  

My little Mr. Squeaky is simply stunning.  He has such a stunning smile.  I love to lay him on the floor and just watch him coo and coo while flashing me his adorable grin.  My mom calls him “Little Love Eyes” and it is so true.  Yummy has amazingly huge eyes and I can’t get over them with their stunning giant blueness.  Mr. Squeaky’s eyes are super blue too, but it has nothing to do with the color or shape.  It’s this look he gets.  All cuddly and warm…they really are little love eyes.  You totally feel it when he looks at you.  Sure, he’s only 3 months old, but he has such a little personality.  Really seems a lot like his Daddy.  

Kids are such blessings.  Sure life can seem harder.  You aren’t allowed to be selfish anymore.  The thing is that everything gets better.  We smile a lot more and are feeling so much more fulfillment.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord.  The fruit of the womb is a reward.  Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.  Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them!  Psalm 127:3-5



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