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Posted in General by The Saving Mom on May 3, 2010

Sometimes you actually know as a child what you want out of life, but you may not remember it when you grow up.  I think we all need to spend some time looking back and recognizing what our hearts were telling us.  What was your dream?

Mine was to be a mom.  I wanted to have a dozen kids.  Guess what…now that I have two I still do.  I look back a bit and wish I hadn’t waited so long.  But, here I am following my dream.  Maybe having a dozen kids isn’t for everybody, but it is for me and my beloved.  Oh, we have other dreams too.  The thing that I believe is that once you are following one real and true dream more of your dreams will work out too.

And that  is why it so important to help your kids try out their dreams.  Encourage them.  Do what you can to help them pursue what they dream.  Of course there are things they say that might just be a thought or an idea and those are great for them to try too, but I’m talking about being vigilant as a parent to learn about your kids REAL dreams and be there for them.

A fire-fighter.  An artist.  Owning a farm.  Playing the harp.  Rescuing puppies.  Having tons of kids!  What is your dream?  Follow it and you can be the best example to your kids ever.


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