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Posted in Cloth Diapering,General,Potty Training by The Saving Mom on April 29, 2010
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Just having one of those days happy to be a mom.  As the mom of two boys, one two years old and one two months old life can get a little hectic and harried.  It can also be wonderful and exciting.  It’s kind of crazy how it can even change from moment to moment.

Today wasn’t a perfect day.  I am currently trying to potty train Yummy and since we’re just starting we don’t really have all the supplies we need.  I am also cloth diapering Mr. Squeaky.

(For anyone reading this that doesn’t know much about cloth diapering here are a few details.  There are so many types of cloth diapers out there.  It ranges from diapers that are just pieces of cloth folded and pinned together with plastic pants to something that is all one piece with the ease of use of a disposable or even a disposable insert that is bio-degradable.   My current choice is to use what are called pre-folds and fitteds underneath a waterproof cover.  This cover is not those old plastic pants I always thought cloth diapering parents used.  These covers are thin, breathable and easy to use.  And the best thing about the covers that I use is that they fit both my 2 month old and my two year old…yay for one size in the cost effective area.  More of cloth diapering in blogs to come.)

Anyway, I only have 3 pairs of undies for Yummy and they were all in the wash this morning.  So, trying to potty train and using diapers is a little more difficult.  Let’s just say that it wasn’t much of a successful day for potty training.  Tomorrow will be better.

It didn’t matter that we weren’t achieving every or any goal.  All that mattered today was that we were together.  For dinner tonight I made individual pizzas out of naan bread crust and leftover meat sauce from lasagna I made the other night.  Yummy helped me roll out the dough.  It was so fun and he was so cute standing on his step stool with flour on his nose.  This kid loves to watch cooking shows and “read” cookbooks with me.  He might just be my little chef.  Either way, I just love that he wants to spend time with me right now.

Mr. Squeaky is such a smiler.  That’s about all he can do right now, but it’s enough for me.  I love being with him.  I had no idea that you could love #2 in such a different way from #1.  I am head over heels with both of them.

Life isn’t easy.  We have lots of ups and downs, but it’s days like today that you really live for!


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