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The Whisper

Posted in Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on April 21, 2010
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It has been a busy week.  You know how those weeks go.  Seems like every minute is full and you can never fit everything you want to do in.  This is when your kids remind you of the simple, important things that make life worthwhile.

Last night we had a lot of hubbub going on at dinner time and were rushing through getting everything assembled.  Just as I stuck the first bite in my mouth Yummy started praying over dinner.  What a humbling experience.  What an amazing experience. I love that my son recognizes that even in the midst of “life” it is so important to stop and thank the One who makes it.  We don’t find His voice in the earthquake.  We don’t find His voice in the fire.  We don’t find His voice in the wind.  We find His voice by listening for the whisper.  And so I write this simple reminder to not let life’s noise drown out the whisper of God.  Remember to take the time for the simple thank You prayer.  As you do you will hear Him speaking back to you…encouraging you, lifting you up and loving you.

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