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Some Daily Lessons

Posted in General,Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on April 16, 2010
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Number Two keeping me up quite a bit at night

Number One waking me up way too early
First lesson of the day – wake up praising God and you will have a better attitude about everything else that happens that day.
Number One keeps saying he’s hungry, but doesn’t want any pf the quite extensive choices he’s offered.
Dress Number Two then he eats quickly and falls asleep again.
Finally after much whining, pouting and prayer #1 decides to eat what he was given.
Lesson#2 – when losing self control (either or both you and your child)  taking to time to breathe and pray really will change the situation.
Get #1 dressed.  Get a load of laundry in.  Time to play.  During playtime #1 sticks something down the back of your shirt.  You spend time coloring and reading.  #2 wakes up insistently wanting to be fed.  Plan to go to the park after feeding so instruct #1 to clean up.  #1 goofs around and makes a bigger mess.  Arguing follows.  Tempted to lose my temper.  Tempted to just punish #1 and clean up the mess myself.  Take a moment to remember lessons one and two.  Remember that #1 needs to be taught the value of a) obedience b) doing things for ones-self and c) taking care of your things so they stay in good condition.  Teach those lessons through verbal reminder, punishment and assistance to complete the task.
Finally get #2 dressed for the day.  Take a look at self and realize that I put my sweatpants on inside out and that’s why they felt so funny.  Turn pants the right way.  Throw hair up and head out the door to enjoy the park.
Lesson #3 – Don’t allow your children to hurt your feelings.  Remember that they are pushing your buttons so they can find where the line is.  We do the same thing to God.  Just like Him, as parents we need to help our kids know that the line is there for a reason and the consequences that follow aren’t usually pleasant.  Love and kindness are what draw us back to His side of the line.  The same thing will work with our kids…this includes tough love.
Return from the park to have lunch.  Fortunately, after burning a bunch of energy at the park everyone is hungry and lunch goes easily.  Okay, time for naps.  It’s a little work, but now all little people are sleeping.  Time to load the dishwasher, clean up the house, take a moment for social interaction and get interrupted because #2 is not really in the mood to nap.  Feed #2 AGAIN and spend time focusing on him and just playing baby games.  Attempt to complete some of the tasks one handed.
Hubby returns home.  YAY!
Lesson #4 – Your spouse is important.  To keep your marriage healthy you must spend sometime focusing on each other.  Respect your husband.  Acknowledge his arrival, don’t just hand off the kid.  He will reciprocate by loving on you…this may include simply assisting you with the kids, a back rub, cleaning up or simply some words of encouragement.  It actually works this way…you show him respect, he shows you love.  If this isn’t happening, I recommend evaluating your behavior.
Make dinner.  #1 wakes up from nap.  Everybody sits down to eat.  Time for us all to head out to do errands.  Return home and spend time in wind down play with #1.  Go through bedtime routine.  Okay, time to relax…oh wait, #1 is having a bad time and needs a little more Mommy cuddle.  Spend a few extra minutes with #1.
It can be beneficial to spend sometime worshiping with your kids if they are having a hard time falling asleep.  When you acknowledge the presence of God in the room it helps relax your children and reminds them to pay attention because God does speak to them in their sleep.  It also keeps you from anger at the fact you aren’t getting to do what you want to do.
Finally time to sit back and relax, oh wait…need to go finish that load of wash I threw in this morning.  Okay, sitting back…what is that?  Oh, there’s that turtle #1 put down my shirt and was looking for this afternoon.  Well, as long as I’m taking off my shirt I might as well grab a shower.  Ahh, time for bed.
Final lesson of the day – Now, the Lord is the Spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.(2 Cor. 3:17)  Allowing God to be a part of everything you do during the day brings a freedom to be filled with peace, patience, joy and love to name a few.  Whenever things seems simply to hard let go, breathe and recognize that God is with you.  Oh, and always check your shirt for curious items you might be missing.

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