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Posted in Spiritual Relationship by The Saving Mom on April 13, 2010
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Jesus is God!
This is the revelation that my son has been telling me over and over since Easter weekend.  It is one of the most delightful things you can have your child tell you I think.  He hears the word God and his little face lights up and he looks at me or shouts out across the house…Jesus is God, Mama, Jesus is God.  Today we were listening to some of his music and they were singing God is so good and he shouts from the back seat Jesus is God, Mama. Then we talked about how the Father is also God and so is the Holy Spirit.  Then we talked about how they are all good.  I love, love, love talking about a relationship with God with my kids.
My desire is to teach my children how religion strangles the life out of you, but relationship fills you and enables you to live life to the fullest.  And yet, it’s my children who are teaching this to me.  It’s like…when you find out some good news about somebody in your life you just want to tell everybody about it.  That’s what it’s like when Yummy tells me that Jesus is God.  He has this great news about his friend Jesus and he just wants to tell everybody.  The happiness that he spreads with me as he shares this news is all because he has a relationship with Jesus. When he goes to sleep at naptime and nighttime he talks to Jesus.  He talks his day over with Jesus and builds upon what they got going.  It’s a reminder to me that a relationship is built upon time together.  We all have the opportunity to to talk to Jesus anytime.  We all have the opportunity to learn new and special things about Him and we all have the opportunity to share these things with everyone we know.  We can all be filled with joy and tell everyone we know that Jesus is God; God is good and Jesus God loves us!


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